Wednesday, October 28, 2009


It’s difficult to believe that Prime Minister Rudd, a man who claims to a complete and unassailable grasp on international diplomacy could be such an unmitigated diplomatic disaster. From his inept and humiliating kowtowing to the murderous dictators in China to his complete lack of comprehension of the intricacies of doing business in Indonesia.

"Officials in Tanjung Pinang were deeply unhappy with the deal struck between Canberra and Jakarta to take the refugees who have been at sea aboard the Australian Customs vessel Oceanic Viking for more than a week."

Did Rudd, the bumbling, over promoted public service buffoon yet again ignore the advice of his advisors? One would have to assume so, as only the most amateur novice would think a handshake deal in Indonesia means anything.

For the West a deal is done on a handshake and its cemented on the signature. For the average Indonesian businessman, the handshake is means to transmit the flu and a contract signature is the time to begin talking how to avoid the details of the contract and squeeze more money. The more the other party has committed the better as it becomes party time.

Now when everyone knows the rules of the game, it works as each party builds in their own safety net. However when one party walks in like a tourist in the seedy side of town, wearing gold chains and Rolex watches then that party is going to get rolled. The final piece of advice, NEVER EVER do business with the Indonesian Government unless you carry your testicular bits in a fire proof safe, the rules are in a constant state of change and the government is the umpire.

Seriously was there anyone on the planet, except the Idiot Rudd who didn’t think the Indonesians would not find a way to strangle the arrangement (as evil as it is) for more cash?

"But after earlier telling reporters Indonesia was not a "dumping ground" for refugees, provincial governor Ismeth Abdullah softened his remarks but queried the detention centre's readiness.
"Who is going to give (the Sri Lankans) their food?" he asked The Australian. "Where is the money going to come from for all their expenses?"

Any resident of Indonesia could translate the above statement for KRUDD into what it really means. You could almost hear the old ABBA hit wafting across the wharf...Money...Money ..Money..It's rich man's world.

Of course, asking someone to account for the over 50million dollars of Australian Taxpayers money already spent will result in the “screen-saver” face.

From here Australia has two choices if they insist on this idiots plan. Firstly, insist that Indonesia honour the deal and immediately cease the flow of funds into Indonesia across the board. Don’t threaten, don’t waffle, just do. Nothing cements an agreement or creates an atmosphere of cooperation faster than an official getting a pain the hip pocket.

The second way, and the one the idiot Rudd will take, cave in to the demands for more cash and gain short term cooperation. Then stand by as the demands become more and more outrageous as Australia becomes more and more committed to this lunacy.

The best way, admit the lunacy and withdraw all support for this insanity and return the illegal immigrants to Australian run, controlled and sponsored detention centres. This option would be a hoot as well as honourable, because you would also get to watch Indonesian Officials falling over themselves to resurrect the original plan as they see their platinum gravy train (boat) escaping their sticky fingers (Problem Mister..No Problem already fixed..It was miscommunication…All good now)


GJ said...

Did you see Insiders this weekend? Krudd dodging questions, saying he didn't know who or what department was handling the issue. Pretty hard to swallow!!! Now he seems like a "fair weather" PM, claims all the good, blames for all the bad. Some leader!!

oigal said...

Yea, that was sad as if the simpering control freak wasn't watching every aspect of this issue with horror. Mate, like all two bob bullies, tough with women or those who can't fight back but essentially weak as piss. Leader??? The only reason people follow the twit is out of morbid curosity.

That said..the Silence from the slithering left who condemned the howard governments immigration policy is deafening don't you think?

GJ said...

what about the interview with that twit of a girl from the greens. She all but said that Baxter was the best solution, after being on picket lines years earlier. How things change

oigal said...

Did you expect anything else from the Green Loons. The Left and Greens are no idea what they stand for anymore, if they ever did? Althought the dropkick sheila who use lead the DEMS still holds the award for simply stupid "Women in AFGANISTAN hve more rights than Australian Women"

H. Nizam said...


Our government has been wrong when they stopped the boats loaded with the refugees from Afghanistan and Srilanka. We should drive them away from our waters and let them go to Australia.

oigal said...

Harry...So Indonesia has no interest in assisting Refugees. How do reconcile that with wanting to being taken seriously in the world of nations?

H. Nizam said...


Although our constitution stipulates that we should play active role in international affairs, however it should be in line with our country's condition. And right now we already have enough problems in our hands.

I agree with your third solution i.e. Australia should take the refugees back to its own run and controlled detention centers, and the place would be in Australia.
That way you don't have to worry about a thing.

oigal said...


I would strongly disagree with "that place should be Australia"

I agreed with Howard with well run, offshore dentention centres (why should the oz taxpayer pay the endless legal bills for non citizens).

However they shoudl be funded internationally (including funds from Indonesia) and if fair dinkum refugees should be re-located around the world on fair for all basis.