Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rudd for Refugees.. A fair deal


The Stump refuses to use the term Refugee as the very name implies people fleeing from immediate persecution in their own country to a place of safety. The very fact these illegal immigrants have paid considerable sums of money to third parties and invariably transited numerous “safe” countries makes a mockery of the term Refugee.
As of the weekend the current excuse for a Prime Minister Little Kranky Kevin announced his plan to request Indonesia house and detain the immigrants on Indonesian soil in places of detention (read leaky rotten wooden boats) funded by the Australian Taxpayer. The Indonesian Government must have showed unusual discretion by not laughing out loud as they signed the agreement and took the money never to be seen again.

So where are they??? The repugnant Left that is, not the Illegal immigrants.
Where are all the screaming latte left hordes that condemned John Howard and his Pacific Solution as a cruel solution to the illegal immigrant issue? Where are the screaming hordes that denounced Howard’s plan to house these Illegal Immigrants in Australian run and sponsored offshore camps. Where are the idiots who declared Howards policy as inhumane and lacking compassion? Are they seriously thinking that asking and trusting Indonesia to run these “camps” will be more humane?

It’s hard to believe that the current Australian Government could be so witless! After all the beating of the chests and hand wringing about conditions in the detention centres under the Howard Government, does anyone really believe that a detention centre under Indonesian control will provide better conditions, healthcare resources? Does anyone seriously believe the money the Australian Taxpayer rams into this plan concocted on the fly will actually end up being utilised as it should and not building another mansion in sunny Pundok Indah?

Surely for an example of Indonesia’s treatment of homeless people, even the most naive traveller would know you only have to glance under the toll road bridges in Jakarta? Or if you wish see the way justice and compassion is applied to those people with no voice in Indonesia just look at the despair of mudflow victims just outside of SURABUYA.

Even the most clueless diplomat must know that Indonesian Foreign policy and agreements are (to the eternal frustration of career diplomats in Indonesia) subject to the whims of neo-nationalist and worldly ignorant Political trough feeders. Does it really take a genius to recognise that it is only a matter of months before its Australia’s turn to be Indonesia’s public enemy number one again.

The “us against the rest foreign policy” of Indonesia is a recognised cyclic routine to avoid addressing the real issues at home in Indonesia. Any one with more than a year’s memory recall remembers the “EVIL Singaporeans are stealing our sand, harbouring our criminals” ..yawn yawn...”The Evil Malaysians are stealing our songs..clothes” (always a hoot when Indonesia cries foul over intellectual property as anyone who has tried to buy original software in Indonesia will testify)..”The Evil Europeans are racist because our planes fall out of the sky”..”The Evil Australians are trying to steal Papua”... because that’s just what Australia needs another failed state to prop up with Tax payer funds.

What do the clueless ones think will happen to the agreement once its Australia’s turn to be king of the shit people again. Well at least we can be sure all the money would be returned..........................

This Australian KRUDD Government could well go down as the most inept government both domestically and internationally in Australia’s History. Their complete inability to separate ideological dream time from real politic is simply breathtaking in the long term damage it is doing to Australia. From decades of debt to ward off a non-existed economic depression (oh and spare us the stimulus plan that allowed every Australian to buy a Chinese Plasma TV saved the nation) to the bend over backward knee tremblers with China and Indonesia. Let alone the Economy destroying Carbon Tax that will not make the slightest difference to world pollution levels but will put thousands out of work. Yup Australians can be stupid!

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