Thursday, October 22, 2009

Sheik Haron - Bottom Feeder

Not often Stump gets out two posts in the same day. However particular piece of Human Trash has come to the Stumps attention.

This nasty piece of pig’s offal (pictured and with due apologies to pigs)gets it’s jollies by harassing the families of dead Australian Servicemen by phone and mail.
Unfortunately the extremely lax citizenship requirements in Australia has allowed this obnoxious little fat parasite (?) to become an Australian Citizen. Any notion that Australia’s laws on citizenship and deporting of undesirables does not need seriosu review should now be put solidly to rest.

Whether you agree or not with Australia’s military involvement across the world, the fact remain unlike many countries (including the home country of the offal), the Australian Military serves at the bequest of the government and by extension the Australian people nothing more and nothing less.

The targeting of grieving families and kin is the height of cowardice and ignorance. People like the ratbag pictured and what they represent are beneath contempt and the nation would be better off without them and theirs.

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