Thursday, October 22, 2009

Indonesia - Australia's Bounty Hunter

The stench grows ever higher on the Rudd’s opportunistic and foul plan to hand over illegal immigrants to Indonesia. It was reported today on ABC TV that the RUDD Government is offering tens of millions of dollars to Indonesia to set up detention centres for the housing and processing of illegal immigrants trying to make their way to Australia. Additionally, it would appear that Rudd is also offering a per diem (the term was bounty in old west) amount for every immigrant held.

Now we all recall Rudd referring to that those in dollars and profit as a result of human trafficking as “the vilest people on earth”. Perhaps someone can explain the difference in what RUDD and SBY are about to do. Dollars for bodies sounds like human trafficking to the Stump. It would certainly confirm the Stump opinion of the Rudd but we did (and do) have a higher opinion of the Indonesian President (SBY). One can only hope SBY strings the vile little creature along for awhile and then sends him and his bounty packing. Although unfortunately money talks loud in Indonesia.

Is the chattering left so morally blind they cannot see that the every establishment of Australian Funded detention centres is condemning people to a situation far far worse than anything the previous government had in place. For goodness sake, Indonesia record on Human Rights remains abysmal for its own people particularly when there is a dollar involved. Corruption remains one of the very few places in which Indonesia figures in the world top ten and to think this poorly conceived (although typical) plan can end in anything but human misery and pain is absolutely disgraceful.

Rudd and the Left in Australia you are an embarrassment to us all.
The only question that remains is what is the bounty on an illegal immigrant these days? I guess we should be grateful it hasn’t got to the stage of proof required for the old Dingo Bounty.

On another issue and continuing the WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY theme.
We all remember the magnificent sanctimonious morons screaming death and destruction over some supposedly Islam insulting cartoons in some minor new paper in some middling European country about the size of small cattle station. We would also recall the murder of some poor bugger due to outrage at film that didn’t pay craven regard to outmoded religious dogma.

The Stump is just wondering WHERE THE HELL ARE all the morons who were demanding respect for “their” religion when yet another mindless mob (complete with various elected officials) descended upon the site of Hindu Temple in Malaysia carting a bloody cow's head (Cows having significant religious symbolism in the Hindu Faith). Not content with simply parading the Cows head around, the myopic ones then proceeded to spit on it and play “head” soccer. The only positive message that came out of this affair was even with all the mistreatment, after examination and not all that surprisingly, the cow’s head was found to have a higher point IQ point score than the collective IQ of the entire mob. The downside..the myopic ones are believed to have the ability to reproduce.

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