Saturday, August 09, 2008

Mentally and Uniformly Ignorant

Living in Indonesia, one soon learns what is said is rarely the heart or truth of the matter at hand. For instance; PT Lapindo and its owners and timber pulp companies are deserving of an environmental award or equally and becoming more and more absurd "Indonesia is the home of moderate Islam" (stop laughing this is serious!).

The Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) is constantly and wrongly proclaimed to be a moderate organisation. As one of the biggest organisations representing Muslims in Indonesia(so they claim, which like everything else they proclaim is probably more to do with their own inflated view of self importance than actual facts), these bunch of backwater religious bullies continually seem to think they have the right to decide how people should or should not live their lives.

Rob over at the Rab experience has the latest irrational, ignorant bullying bilious outburst from one of these self appointed guardians of darkness and prejudice. From the Stump Pulpit “With children starving to death in the provinces, schools that should would be offensive if used to house animals, perhaps its time the holy ignorant pulled their hands out of their pants and looked around at the real problems the people of this nation have to face every day.”

The Stump will let the readers decide which picture represents the evil and ignorant dark underbelly of the society we live in……..

On the subject of the problems in the provinces, expats tend to live a life apart from the problematical decisions and angst that bubble underneath the surface. So when the Stump and stumpettes notice the gathering and mutterings of the clans, things are getting very ugly indeed…..stay tuned..

By the way, the Stump "borrowed" (Stump hopes they don't mind but if they do please let us know and we will remove it) the Beautiful Bali Picture from baliwww. We have not had time to read through the Blog yet but on the surface a bit commercial but certainly looks worth a bit of time..

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