Sunday, August 10, 2008


How great is this?

Carl over at Friskodude describes a plan where you buy/fund a entire school in Cambodia for $13000USD. The Stump is a naturally cynical bloke but in this case …one can only hope it’s true!

What a simply fantasic idea and one that Indonesia so desperately needs. Of course the trick would be keeping the greedy, sticky fingers that Jakartass so aptly describes here, out of the pie (Make sure you check out his post on greedy local officials). Still all the Stump can say bring it on.

Perhaps we could have a FAIR DINKUM, PESTA BLOGGER to raise funds for something worthwhile instead of the widget and scam men.

Meanwhile the church of climate change zealots has convinced the Australian Goverment(?)and Prime Minister Krudd to spend $46million to study cow farts for carbon taxation purposes..Lets see $46million/13000 = How many schools? and which might actually make a difference in the world?


Jakartass said...

Hi O.

Just to be extra helpful, my "post on greedy local officials" is here.

I'm with you on the Pesta Blogger thingy. Instead of mutual masturbation, why aren't we forcing issues? It gets awfully lonesome being lone voices in the wilderness, doesn't it.

And on the issue of farting cows, you might like to pass on this tip I found somewhere. Feed cows garlic and it reduces their flatulence. Although a vegetarian and unlikely to try a steak from a garlic-fed cow, I suspect that the meat would taste better!

Incidentally, if I may indulge, another way of reducing cows' flatulence would be to reduce the number of cows. Another snippet I found somewhere says that it takes 20.9 sq. metres to produce 1kg of beef, but only 0.3 sq. metres to produce 1kg of vegetables.

oigal said...

Thanks J, I shall amend the link,
"Lone but grumpy voices heh" I think their is a lot to be said for people get the government they deserve..the average Indonesians daily acceptance of these things is beyond my ability to understand.

As for garlic..You are mistaken that just reduces Vampire Cow's (which are very dangerous as their flight pattern matches Adam Air).

A vegetarian..why am I not surprised.grin

As for your indulgence..Mate..beware that kind of's selective and in OZ just rubbish (green fields of England ..who knows)..Most beef Cattle in OZ are raised in areas of very limited rainfall..and it s takes tens of sq MILES to raise one beast (VRD station alone is bigger than Belgium). More to the point you couldn't raise much more than salt bush on most of this its a moot point.

This is the problem with the climate change wallies..wasting money that actually could be used for the environment instead of wank studies.

Lets see..OZ produces 1.2% of total Carbon emissions, cows produce 11% of that by farting ..therefore if we kill every stinking cow, we save .0013 of the world carbon emissions (or amount the same amount achmed will emit next time he cranks up his motor cycle..Yep..46 Million well spent