Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Must be the season for the thugs, bullies and corrupt to come crawling out from their pampered ill-gotten nests?

Up in our neck of the woods it must have been Army (although the vast majority of those in uniform, certainly don’t met the Stump's very high regard for the profession of arms) day yesterday. First we had the two bob thugs wandering into our place of work demanding to "borrow" equipment and then when the Stump returns to his humble place of refuge...

Our little “jalan” (street) has been flooded every day for two weeks with raw sewage spilling out from under a brand new house. Besides a health hazard the house is a grotesque bloody thing as well, the poorly fitted marble columns etc etc).

Anyway enough is enough with raw sewage travelling the length of the road when all the kids both kampung and others play, the Stump and PP decided it was time to seek a remedy (Looking back, it was silly to expect a normal human response by the owner to recify such a problem without being pushed)

Finally tracked down the phone number of the "man' who owns this grotesque eyesore. PP rang him and quite politely (much nicer than the Stump would have been)asked him to fix the problem as it was health hazard and was damaging the road and peoples foundations.

The bastards response:

“I am Army and RT (Village Chief) is friend of mine, don’t make trouble for me”

What a prick!

Never the less PP’s response was beautiful

“You Army! Saya Indonesia juga, tidak takut silahkan masalah kapan bertemu. (I am Indonesian as well, not scared of you, when do you want too meet) ..from there a rant that was too fast too follow but no mistaking the intent.

Upshot of all this, apparently the Stump’s humble abode can expect a visit from the Arrogant Army Bastard this Thursday (and invariably, a couple of his mates because bullies always travel in groups), although unbeknown to him the Stump will be there awaiting him. Will be interesting to see if he is just as brave when not just talking to a woman. Although bet you a dollar to a bucket of pig manure, we get the usual ..yawn…threats to have the Stump deported.

As an ex professional soldier for many years, the Stump detests these bullies in uniform who bring nothing but disgrace to the profession of arms. The very first moral imperative of a soldier must be to the protection and care of his nation’s people. Unfortunately far too many lowlifes view the uniform as means to bully, intimidate and enrich their greedy, needy little selves at the expense of the people.

As for the meeting..stay tuned…

Meanwhile ………BASTARDS


johnorford said...

hope u haven't bitten off more than u guys can chew... messing with army in indo sounds dangerous!

oigal said...

Hey Johno,

Nice to catch up again..Normally you are right..but this is just another bully..if more people called their bluff..

Then again..I will avoid the orange juice on the garuda flights for awhile

Jakartass said...

Tis the season to be .....thoroughly pissed off?

It's really hard to take the heat sometimes, and we all want to let off steam - quite righteously.

I think it's something to do with global warming.


oigal said...

Hey J, not really pissed off..perhaps just tired of covering the absolute contempt..and tired of people making cultural excuses for these bastards

Achmad Sudarsono said...


Good luck with this. For better or for worse, I think the likes of the "bastard's" type are numbered. At the same time, he sounds just plain...stupid. That's dangerous, because it means he'll struggle to understand reason or logic beyond, "how can this hurt me?"
I think with these people best to just accept they're stupid thugs, then work from there. PP may be wasting her time, but in terms of fairness, probably best to make that phone call.

oigal said...


Well the meeting did occur and lo and behold with the RT (his mate). Strangely polite and rager to help (Do these morons really think people just forget conversations a few days ago). Of course, it may have been the fact the whole street was waiting for them.. Many promises to fix but no action yet (four days)...perhaps time to grab a bucket of the slush every day and throw over it front fence