Sunday, August 31, 2008


The Dubai Dingoes Enforce the Team Uniform

Indonesia Aussie Rules Cheer Leaders..Up There Cazaly!

Where ever the belief exits that "if it don't draw blood then it ain't a sport" so shall Australian Rules Football grow and dominate.. "Paul" commented on the ever growing presence of the sport in the "Sunny Middle East" and quick look at shows the sport is alive and well in the far flung corners of the world including Indonesia.

Certainly the website pictures depict a fine sense of humour (gotta love the Dubai Boys travelling team uniform and one of the Indo teams "fine set" of cheerleaders (What is the plural of cheer leader..a pride..a set..Stump kinda like a HUG OF CHEERLEADERS").

Rumour has it the next international round robin is due to be held in Bali sometime in Oct 08.

For more information go to World Footy News
(from where we borrowed the pictures) or leave the Stump an email..

Have fun and remember the shirt front is an acceptable response to any religious nutter who wishes to impose his views on you in this "auspicious" month.


treespotter said...

uh... maybe i should learn the rules after tall, the one on the right looks, err, nice.

does she blog?

oigal said...

Hey T,

Yea you are right ..she does like..eerr ..nice..
Blog..eer dunno my information they were like "paid" to be cheerleaders..dare I say it ..paid to love us aussie rules players..In fact I don't think they had they faintest idea of what was really going on..which explains some of the wierd times they would start cheering..still ...whos complaining

treespotter said...

the sort that we can pay to love anything?

i was thinking that it could be a good reason to start learning the AFL rules, but then again, i might as well wait until someone pay me to do it :D

Have a good weekend!

oigal said...

"the sort that we can pay to love anything? "

YIKES ..Absolutely not.. are you trying to gte me tar n feathered, not it was a day job..with no hidden extras!

Mmm pay you..You might want to speak to the Dubai lads, apparently cheer-"girls" aren;t allowed..but I am told good looking young boys "go down" a treat

Achmad Sudarsono said...

Hi Oigal,

Quick farewell -- am retiring from the game - for real this time. Sorry for all the crap since 2006 -- I didn't really believe any of it. I'll be be back in a new incarnation at some point, but good luck in your ventures in Indonesia and beyond.

oigal said...

ASSMAD..An interesting twist..I shall look forward to it