Thursday, August 14, 2008


The FILTH are so predictable, the major religious holiday of the year is coming up (not be confused with "lets kill a goat slowly day"), so all the bars and places of entertainment as regularly haunted by the Stump are being raided and closed down by the local authorities.

Gee, the Stump but can wonder if that has anything to do with annual cash “shakedown” (as opposed to the regular monthly shakedown) to fund the uniformed and suited representatives/protectors (sigh) of the people.

The workplace is simply the same at this time of year, as an ever growing line of uniformed and suited two dollar squeezers arrive to plead, extort, cajole, threaten money from anyone or any organisation they imagine they have power over.

Although the Stump has found the purchase of a $20 voice recorder has certainly stymied the majority (Not All) of the outright thieves and scum suckers. The recorder is left in plain site (Sorry guys, company policy) whenever these “gentlemen..sorry human cankers” turn up in the office to discuss whatever non-existent “problem” that they have found and only they can fix. The Stump remains confused by these scum however, surely they must know the sheer and utter contempt raised in others when they going through these criminal charades.

On a personal note, the Stump happened to be partaking of some well earned, liquid refreshment for purely health reasons when Pak Corrupt Plod arrived (along with an decaying smell of filt) to shut down the place based on some fanciful transgression. He and his walking talking canker cohorts succeeded of course and once again demonstrated the bravery and integrity of the people's guardians as they harassed and humiliated the female staff, who were simply doing their job.

Strangely, apart from puffing up and glowing red, they were not that brave when a number of the regular patrons started to comment on the nature of man that gets his jollies abusing women(probably not the safest or wisest things to do but certainly the right thing).

The Stump is sure God fairly beams with pride at the antics of his believers.

Dili has some more on the quaint traditions of the Religious Holiday here

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