Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Life as a Manager in Indonesia is at least never dull and simple language/communication difficulties are always fun. This one arrived from one of our senior managers today (University Qualified with Honours in English). The Stump is still deciding whether to seek clarification or just let things pan out and see what happens..

"Okay Boss. Thanks for your info.
Let use see next..."

(BTW That was the sum total of the email text)..


On the political side of things, with an Presidential Election looming and after giving some thought to the brilliance of Chappy (see previous post). The Stump thought it might be fun to come up with an Indonesia Version of a Political Dream Team only it would be the Nightmare team. The very worst possible combinations to run Indonesia as opinion ed by the Stump and anyone else who care to contribute.

Pres...Awaiting Nominations..(leaning to the Mega One here)

Vice Pres...(Well Little Joe K is a front runner to hold his position, if only for humour sake. Who else as V/prez would declare that democracy is only a means to an end or Indonesian women should consider short term contract marriage to Arab tourists as means to make few bucks and boost tourism.

Health Minister..How could we go past the current beacon of light, with her refusal to release Bird Flu samples to the world health organisation.

Transport and Aviation Minister..Has to be Chappy (see previous post) here's a man with a plan!

People's Welfare Minister..A no brainer, The current Bakrie Brother nominated by the 13000 (?) displaced villagers of the LAPINDO disaster and the editors of the Forbes Rich Uncaring Bastards Magazine.

This is obviously a work in progress, suggestions and nominations welcome. We also need a name for our party (oh and a colour).

Nomination Rules:

1. Nominations must be justified
2. Nominee must be eligible to run
3. Existing government position only

Let the race begin..


treespotter said...


okay... not a long comment. not now, not here, but i'll pick this up in a bit.

I'm still in shock.

treespotter said...

like, seriously stumpy...

you disappoint me...

oigal said...

Hey T/S long time no see..disappoint you..oh bugger..that makes You and my mum...and reasonably short list of disguntled and angry ex-girlfriends, wives and lovers..

Actually you input would be interesting as you have the inside running to a lot of these wackers..remember tho, we ain't talking the best possible team (everyone else will be doing that) but the nightmare team..nominations should be contain a quote that elevates them to nomination (funnier is better than serious..although that means JK wins already, we may have to handicap him)

treespotter said...

just posted. my place. we'll start with the basics and i'll built my nightmare.