Friday, April 14, 2006


Because its Easter and Treespotter is trying to grasp the finer points of Footy and pick a team that is more suited to him. I am going to suggest the Adelaide Crows pictured..they are weird, openly hyper-manic depressive at times and the followers could seem all to be "Chardonney Sipping Urbo-Sexuals"

Adelaide Crows: Colours: Navy blue, gold and red. Emblem: Crows ... the Adelaide Football Club, known as the Crows

Last nights footy action, in a biblical turnaround The "Saints devoured The Lions"

This weeks rule: Remember you can only interfere (?) with another player going for a mark if the ball is within 5m ...


wendy said...

I think Treespotter should also check out the Brisbane Lions:
Their emblem is Leo the Lion;
They have Akker who is truly manic when he wants/needs to be;
But... dig a little deeper in their history and they are really only 'cute' bears! :DDDD
oh.. and its nice a warm at their 'lair'! so they can wear their shorts short! :DDDDDD

oigal said...

Aaw..You forgot to tell him they are on the slide after a number of years on top

treespotter said...

hmmm... another one to check. Leo sounds good, though i still think since Melbourne offers roast lamb, I'm going with one of the Melbourne thing so far...
still choosing though..

i still don't like the shorts, it reminds me of the old NBA... and the Brady Bunch.

oigal said...

No use asking Wendy, she is in Snow and the Demons (Melbourne) are yet to win a game..