Friday, April 14, 2006


Sorry for no posts for a few days I have had a bad case of “CGAF” (Couldn’t Give A Stuff). Besides annoying the bejesus out of Jakartass and his hatred of all things Freeport, Papua, I have been fairly busy work wise and lazy with everything else.


My view is that any discussion that neglects the money that Freeport brings into Indonesia every year is a very frail discussion indeed. A Fact omitted is a truth denied!

A billion dollars in taxes and royalties is a bit more than beads and trinkets as some would have us believe.

Of course, that Papuans have not exactly seen the benefits of this wealth would be the under-statement of the decade. Like a lot of the provinces, much natural wealth has been extracted to little gain for the local populace. Unless the government seriously addresses these issues, its difficult to see anything but very sad times ahead. Meanwhile political opportunists and commentators will continue to agitate with, as usual, the poor bugger in the kampung getting the shitty end of the stick.

Still on the Papua issue, The Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Immigration Minister Vanstone have just reported they are rushing in a new policy on refugees. “Under a hardline policy announced today, people arriving illegally by boat will now have their asylum claims processed at one of three offshore detention centres”.

This then prevents any refugee from accessing the Australian Court System to appeal their claim should they be refused refugee status (once onshore in Australia, everyone has access to the courts and out of the government’s control). This according to Howard had nothing to do with Indonesian Governments tantrum of visas recently..In the words of a famous man PIGS ARSE.

On the weather front, there must be sunspots over at Indcoup as his latest post reads as if he believes China is a model Indonesia should follow… I must have read it wrong!!! Leaning left is one thing but too far and you fall off the perch.

Weirdest Conspiracy theory of the Week.

The recent of arrest of an Indonesian (amongst others) Arms Dealer in Hawaii this week, has some in blogsphere saying they were purchasing arms for use in Papua..Sh#T … Treespotter says unless Birds of Paradise have decided enough is enough then there is not a lot of call for Surface to Air missiles in Papua.

Fair go guys! Shady arms deals happen every day particularly with the various weak arms embargoes the US has. Perhaps its time to take a deep breath.


treespotter said...

man, if i'm not in the Happy Post run, i will be very tempted to get into this papua business. perhaps next week. may be you should do the happy post therapy, too.

and btw, it's still the big smoke, only more like big bucket for the last two days.

oigal said...

mmm and this from the guy who said I was rushing my happy posts..

Papua..its never ending, but the Government must really adopt a mature attitude to this and all the other provinces soon or it is going to be ugly situation.. Too many people from other peoples misery.