Friday, April 07, 2006

Trumped up Corellas and Kangaroos

There is general trend in some irrational circles to hate all things Australian at the moment but the latest piece of news from Australia is very ominous...

"April 07, 2006
THE Kangaroos are officially the least popular team in the AFL (WHAT!!!, TELL ME IT AIN'T SO), adding further ammunition for those who believe the club must flee Melbourne to build its future"

More of this calamity here

On the bright side, the article mentions the Kangaroos may have to migrate North to survive...The Indonesian Kangaroos perhaps?

In other news that will have the "deep greenies" besides themselves with indecision. An Angry, trumped-up corella (Bird) has stalled a 220Million Aud dollar alternative energy programme in Australia.

Are there mysterious forces afoot in the Animal Kingdom....


oigal said... have been snipped sad little man

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