Sunday, April 02, 2006

Cartoons Papua and Coal

It goes on..on and....on.

"Indonesia has described as "tasteless" a caricature in an Australian newspaper depicting President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as a dog."

The Australian caricature cartoon, drawn by award-winning cartoonist Bill Leak, shows Yudhoyono as a tail-wagging dog mounting a startled-looking Papua dog and saying "don't take this the wrong way".

The caption under the cartoon reads "no offence intended".

Meanwhile the "" war of cartoons continues to get international(ok regional then) coverage bringing further (Unwanted?) attention to the Papua situation.

Commenting on the cartoon, Presidential spokesman Andi Mallarangeng said "It's in poor taste. Sometimes the media, both in Indonesia and other countries, resort to poor taste, which actually demonstrates the level of their quality,"

Bill Leak has quite a following and is well know for biting satire. Bill rarely pulls his punches and no target is safe. Before anyone accuses him of being anti-indonesian maybe they should look here for some samples of his work.

Sorry, I don't have a copy of the actual cartoon but I shall keep looking! I have seen a copy of it and admit it did raise a wry smile. I do notice Mallarangeng was bit late commenting on the Indonesian version with Howard as a dog but better late than never I guess.


Speaking of Papua (or cartoons), I notice the calls for more of the wealth continue and fair enough. In the interests of comparision and my own education, I would very interested in the local divestment of wealth (% or dollar) by that other huge mining organisation KALTIM PRIMA COAL. The KALTIM website seems a little out of date with PT Bumi Resources being listed as the owner, whereas I was under the impression they had recently sold out for a massive (?) profit. So if anyone has the details of local divestment please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Divestment. The selling of certain types of shares on principle to the public. is this what you mean here?? thnks

Anonymous said...

"don't take this the wrong way".
& "no offence intended"..... which part is the irony, which is the insult, which is the bad taste? If Leak is so good, can u explain the humour (no matter how bleak) in this cartoon in 50-100 words???

oigal said...

Anon 1 - I don't mean anything, I am asking for more information or directions to it. But certainly more info than just shares.

Anon 2.

Its not up to me to decide what is irony, what is insult, what is bad taste. Nor is it up to me to explain the humour (or lack of)in any cartoon, that is up to each person to decide for himself!

Funny, I don't remember saying he was good, bad or different. I did say

"Bill Leak has quite a following and is well know for biting satire. Bill rarely pulls his punches and no target is safe" and provided a link for you to decide for yourself. Those statements are accurate and stand by their own worth..Suggest you visit the link and verify for yourself.

I would appreciate it if you did not put words in my mouth nor assume you know what I am thinking.

Perhaps it was the term WRY

Anonymous said...

did u see this article today?,5744,18687578%5E7583,00.html

leaked by the leak himself

oigal said...

Thanks for the link..saw it..

Not sure what comment you are looking for from me tho..

Anonymous said...

no comments necessary. u dunno what ur talkin bout nyway

oigal said...

"no comments necessary" then why ask me for one and why comment duh!

But thanks for your concise input