Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Indonesia and Oval Footballs

Its that time year to forget politics, business and differences in Religion. The football season has started, kicked off if you will.

Now of course, I am not talking that round ball game that so preoccupies the normally astute and observant Jakartass
. No I am talking the game played by the "chosen few"...

Yep..Thats right we are talking Australian Rules Football, no helmets, no round ball and no "Nil all" drawn games.

For those lucky enough to have "IndoVison" pay tv, there were no less than six games played over the weekend.

And what a great weekend it was as well, with those champions of champions The Shinboners sending that pack of wharf rats Port Power packing

Indonesia also has a small but vibrant (as in all good things) Australian Rules Football Community. Check out the(now how did they arrive at that name?) Jakarta Bintangs .

Next post will deliver a brief run down on the rules, so those sadly neglected types can understand a bit of the chosen game (except if you barrack for Port Adelaide because those wharf rates have never played by the rules anyway). Also a introduction to Bali 9's competition

LET THE GAMES BEGIN...................


drunk bloke said...

ozzie ozzie ozzie.. let the games begin. i love this sport. no smelly indians like in bloody cricket.

oigal said...

wooo heeyy Ma..

Loookie here... we done did catch us a dumb Troll..who said they were extinct due to excessive self gratification

IndCoup said...

Forget it mate!

The football world cup finals in June will be hard to beat!

oigal said...

Ah Yes...

June ..and a smorgasboard of Champange of classic football:

Friday, 9th June EST LOC
Geelong vs. Essendon Telstra Dome (Night) 7:40pm 7:40pm
Saturday, 10th June EST LOC
Richmond vs. Kangaroos M.C.G. 2:10pm 2:10pm
Brisbane Lions vs. Adelaide Gabba (Night) 7:10pm 7:10pm
Sydney vs. St. Kilda S.C.G. (Night) 7:10pm 7:10pm
Sunday, 11th June EST LOC
Port Adelaide vs. Hawthorn AAMI Stadium (Early Start) 1:10pm 12:40pm
Western Bulldogs vs. Fremantle Telstra Dome 2:10pm 2:10pm
West Coast vs. Carlton Subiaco 4:40pm 2:40pm
Monday, 12th June EST LOC
Melbourne vs. Collingwood M.C.G. 2:10pm

oh and some other guys playing the round ball thingy in some far off place

Anonymous said...

you lost me oigal

oigal said...

Lost you?


Jakartass said...

So you're not talking that round ball game that so preoccupies the normally astute and observant Jakartass?

If it wasn't for that normally, which is damning with faint praise if ever I read it, I'd probably describe Aussie Rules as being a MAN's game, unlike that sissy version played Stateside.

You know, the one which is radio-controlled from the touchline, with hunks so wrapped up in protective polystyrene that they're too knackered to play for more than ten seconds at a stretch so they keep stopping for a huddle and TV advert.

Yeah, I'd probably say that, but can't be bothered.

oigal said...


Hey Jakartass, don't take the "normally" to heart, I was threatened by your passion for the roundball game...

I mean how are we ever going to get the Indonesian version of our game up with the passion that follows the round ball.

Jakartass said...

Quick answer Oigal.

You won't. Ever.

oigal said...

Ah ah ..you have missed my lastest post ..the kangas moving north..slowly slowly..laugh