Saturday, April 22, 2006


Back from my trip and was thinking some nice things. It actually appeared that a lot of the forest was regenerating from the vandalism, criminal burning off, illegal logging and the other assorted quasi-condoned jungle rapes that abound in Indonesia. I was all prepared to write a happy up-beat post, when a quick spin around the blogsphere soon proved I was merely deluding myself again.

Indcoup reports on a Chinese Company that intends to join in on the rape and pillage of the Indonesia Forests, “The Chinese state company, called China Light, needed a total of 800,000 cubic meters of logs or equivalent to 400,000 cubic meters of processed wood up to 2008.”

Meanwhile in the
The Jakarta Post today, the most arrogant comment of the week goes to the PT KLI manager who when tackled about his company’s logging activities said “you can see our premises are green” referring to the leafy environment around his office.

Indcoup further brought our attention that up 30%-40% of all aid funds to Aceh have been stolen!!! This is simply stunning!! I think I recall President SBY saying that Indonesia must monitor these funds correctly as the world will form an opinion of Indonesia on the way we handle these funds…Well, one wonders what that opinion is now?

In my secular soul, I find it impossible to understand these immoral, low life scum. How do you justify stealing from people so much in need? How do you look at yourself in the mirror…Aceh being what it is, I can only assume that a lot of these scum are supposedly deeply religious, what I would like to know then. Is how do you reconcile your thievery come Fridays..perhaps an extra prayer…
“ Hey I stole a few bucks but I also burnt a Playboy Magazine so we are square right?”

So with all this shocking news, you would think people would be in the streets protesting and you are right.

Of course not exactly protesting over what you may think is important but protesting none the less

Oh dear the more things change the more they stay the same


Anonymous said...

What do you know about forest regeneration?? it ain't that simple when you destroy something so fragile. In fact its near impossible.

THe forests must be left to nature with as few human visitors as possible.

But if you have real evidence I'd love to see it.

oigal said...

What do I know about Forest Regeneration, actually not much, never claimed I did..what I did say was "It actually appeared that a lot of the forest was regenerating" as for impossible you underestimate Nature

As for "THe forests must be left to nature with as few human visitors as possible." thats rabid green dreamword stuff it ain't going to happen!! So the best we can hope for is a balance. Locking something away only leaves it vulernable to exploitation.

Giving people a stake in the care of the environment does not mean banning them from it.