Friday, April 28, 2006

Faith Based Law in Indonesia

Being friday and in my wild, erractic fancy, a vision comes to me unexpected of .....

All political corruption trials in Indonesia being held in a Sharia Province from now on. The sight of major corruptors having a hand or two lopped off would make an interesting change. Certainly a major change from some poor taxi driver being beaten for daring to bet 1000Rp on a game of cards or someone's wife being arrested and thrown in gaol for three days becuase she happened to on the street after dark.

Might make a few pollies think about some of the technical issues with faith based law as well.

Anyway as I said..tis but a wild erractic fancy..........


LiquidLifeHacker said...

Is this going to become a trend now, where all the countries that practice sharia law are going to force non muslims to live under it and be punished by it?

Jakartass said...

It's nice to be back on the same wavelength, Oigal.

It's worth bearing in mind that all the major corruptors currently protesting their innocence or blaming the system ~ the head of PLN, Jamsotek etc. profess to be Muslims.

Subjecting them to sharia seems eminently fair to me.

As for any trial involving me as a defender, is there an animist court of law?

oigal said...

Hey Jakartass,

I never thought we were that far off, you just seem to be deeper shade of green than me..not a bad thing keeps the rest of us, glancing over our shoulders whilst we make a buck.

I think the cartoon sez it all on Sharia Law.

I have always had a lot of trouble grasping a nation with so many having a direct line to what 'God' wants also manage to feature in the top ten most corrupt year after year...Is it all a fraud or a delusion or what?

Jeez..animist..what would that punishment be...??

treespotter said...

liquidlifehacker: i think countries everywhere have laws that simply applies to everyone. to apply it selectively with be a faith based discrimination law. Not sure if that is actually better at all.

jakartaass, Adolf Hitler was a Christian and so was most of the Third Reich cabinet, i fail to see where religion plays the relevance here?

and well, animist court tend to resort to the sort where it bleeds people to death, drink the blood and all that type, pyramids with sacrificial chambers and all.

i can't see where the religion plays any relevance in this topic to be honest, except that some places decided to apply a law based on what people in that region believed in. To me, it's as simple either live wherever you want and live by the law, or move. You know, When in Rome, live as the Roman. To apply the law selectively would be even worse, no?

I been saying that i'll do this in a new separate post, so i probably will. I am very keen to hear more on this however...

ANZAC and AFL, i'm advancing in my aussie cultural lesson :D

oigal said...

Hilter may have been christian at one time but the God's (?) of Nazi Germany were more along the lines of the old Nordic type..that being said the Catholic Church (along with many others) has lot to answer for in Germany/Europe at that time.

Some questions perhaps you could clarify for me then:

Sharia law introduced and religion not relevant?

If they people don't like they should leave, so no Mosques in Bali then?

People decided what law they wished to live under..what people? Did I miss the vote?

Islamist parties were soundly trounced in last election..what was/is the mandate for Sharia law then?

"You know, When in Rome, live as the Roman." .. I agree ..Indonesia by her very consitition is a secular country (and mandated in every election since then)..therefore you are saying those who want to live under Sharia law should say.. Iran..??

Seriously, I would be interested in your post, you seem a very articulate person..The hardline nutcases I can understand consumed by fear, ignorance and hatred (despise them but understand the ignorance that drives them)..but people like yourself.. why apologists for the very people who would seek to destroy the life you now lead..i don't gasp that at all.

For myself..people can worship a teapot in cosy for all I care..I won't disturb you and you not disturb me, and on the big day one of us will chuckle.

AFL ..Would you believe it..Demons (Melbourne) defeated the Kangaroos by 4 points in the last two minutes of the game ..why are not the least popular team in the comp and stone motherless last in the competition as well...

Anonymous said...

Do u think living under Sharia law would be any worse than a Labor or Green voter livng under John Howard?

oigal said...


Thats just plain silly!!!!

treespotter said...

ah. wendy wasn't very clear n i wasn't sure what 'Dee' was (i did check the melbourneafl site and improvise).

i'll be posting the answer back on my place (it's a bit long), but i might miss a few questions from here and will try to redress.


oigal said...

Hey T/s

You cannot expect wendy to be very clear..she is a Melbourne supporter which negates any need for rational thought ( the flame mails new ..grin).

I will look forward to the post...

treespotter said...

i just did, 2 posts :D

i know... i've had past experiences with Melbournites logic I do trust Wendy's judgment more than others :DD

You guys settle this, i'm onto NBA for a while and will remain as a neutral observer until the time comes.

wendy said...

Dear Oigal,
'not rational'?.. who cares! are grinners... Soooo should have gone to the game! did enjoy the glass of wine though :) !!
btw... found the rest of the post very interesting too!!!

Treespotter, 'not clear'?!!!!! geez! :)

oigal said...

Hi Wendy...

Hmpmmph.... sulking now...enjoy the wine and I will enjoy the Whine..

T/S..Tell the truth, its the shorts that are scaring you right.?