Friday, March 31, 2006

Indonesia Likes and Frustrates


1. Scuba Diving some of the best “Drop Offs” in the world ( trick is to find the operator who charges local not Tourist Price);
2. Going for beer at the local. (Where else does the beer arrive cold, and its considered poor service if you have to tap the cap off your own bottle);
3. Driving to work (?) True – Its like a playing a full size video game with surround sound and 360 degree vision;
4. Eating boiled corn at the kaki lima (mobile street stall);
5. Getting trapped in a logic loop conversation due to language differences and culture;
6. Being able to afford to ride up the “pointy” of a plane from time to time;
7. Climbing on plane with the words “FLY IS CHEAP” written on the side;
8. Never having to wear a sweater;
9. Being accepted as part of an ever growing family;
10. Borobudur.
11. Bali sans Kuta


1. Lazy, Corrupt Officials;
2. Kulit (Skin) Tax;
3. Driving to work (see three above);
4. Getting trapped in a logic loop conversation;
5. Having to travel on planes with the words “FLY IS CHEAP”;
6. Not being able to travel up at the pointy end of the plane all the time;
7. The Indonesian definition of “carry on luggage” (see three 6 above);
8. The disparity between caring for your family and screw you attitude towards everyone else;
9. Illegal Logging;
10. Babies and mothers begging in the street;
11. Bali with Kuta

You will notice some items appear in both lists, just goes to prove: Indonesia is not a place…It’s a state of mind!!

P.S. T/S I was going to put a close up picture of Borobudur but I think there was a belly button visible..grin


indonesia-anonymus said...

Just out of curiosity:
what airline has "fly is cheap" on its planes?

oigal said...

Dang..I knew I would get hauled on that.

Its "WINGS" maybe not exactly those maybe "Flyer is Cheap"

WINGS are the red ones not sure what the relationship is but often sub for Lion

oigal said...

Nope memory did serve me well..

It is WINGS "fly is cheap"

Go here
enlarge the pictures and see for yourself ..

You are looking for the red MD -82


Anonymous said...

oh ye who classifies:

good bad or indifferent?

treespotter said...

I have to disagree with this list somewhere... lemme see...

the logic loop isn't a loop at all. it's a new school and it has nothing to do with culture and language.

and the Skin Tax, isn't tax. it's a premium you pay for all the other luxuries.

welcome home.

oigal said...


Its a tax!! pure and simple

Its a logic loop..sorry no excuse once in impossible to get out



oigal said...
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treespotter said...

i insist that it's a new school of logic. it takes years of dumbing down, and absorbing the culture.

otherwise you can learn it really quick by some unhealthy amount of alcohol, American sense of humour (as in beavis n butthead), and quite possibly banging your head against steel doors.

it's a new school of logic. it exists outside the realm of others entirely. you gotta wait til they do math, then you'll be surreally impressed.

oigal said...

Hey T/S

Logic Loops
From my perspective. Its not meant to be an insult ( in list one ..)

Its sometimes just bizarre, you start an seemingly innoncent conversation and 15 mins later you are in a totally different place, thinking how the HELL did I get to be talking about this.

Its not that I am right and he/she is wrong. It is constantly amazing how different you view the world, what is important, what is your reference point anchoring the conversation compared to those with whom you work and play etc.

List two..It can be bloody frustrating...mind you I see it on the faces of the people I am talking to as well from time to time..." why can't this Bule accept/understand what I am telling him.BULE GILA"

Consider your preoccupation with Belly buttons in malls for instance..laugh

Anonymous said...

Divestment. The selling of certain types of shares on principle to the public? is this what you mean?

treespotter said...

it's a fetish. my gf has perfect stomach.

oigal said...

tee hee

drunk expat said...

here here! i agree to all, although i'd put beer at nomero uno

oigal said...


YAWN..another Troll..

Anonymous said...

mate, if u didnt wake up every hour just expecting posts from trolls, u wouldnt yawn so much hohohohohoho

oigal said...

Gee what a witty comeback!! Thanks for dropping by and blessing us all with the humour..

Oh and yeah...Yawn