Tuesday, October 03, 2006


One thing about Indonesia is the seemingly endless number of groups jousting to inflict their own twisted vision of virtue upon us. "Persis" or the United Islam Youth hacked to pieces a 100 year old Banyan Tree located near the Harmoni Bus Center in Jakarta. Apparently the infidel tree had the potential to "corrupt religious and moral faith" according to group spokesman Zenal Arfin Abu Dhiya.

As could be imagined a 100 year old Banyan Tree is fairly significant piece of nature and took some time to be ravaged by Zenal and his little helpers, there is no word on where the police were during this time.

The Banyon tree joins other such notables as dutch cartoonists, the pope and centuries old statues in Afghanistan to raise the ire of the hive mind.

However, there is a very strong connection between Zenal and the Banyan Tree one gave the community oxygen all of its life the other stole it.

I am not a big believer in the Earth Mother thing but tonight I might just offer up a pagan prayer for justice. It is often heard that the media protrays Islam in a negative fashion, with groups like Persis around perhaps its time to stop blaming the media and stop the lunatic fringe groups hijacking the name of Islam.

Meanwhile beware the Earth Mother, she can be a mean bitch!!! and if there is a Judgement day is should be interesting when the best thing one can offer up as a life's work is "Well I did hack a tree down that took you 100 years to create"


patung said...

Ok, I give up, how did they think the tree could corrupt all the blameless and innocent people you see everyday?

oigal said...

Well, I make no claim to understand their logic (scary if I could)but it seems the locals in the area said the tree was inhabited by a strong spirit/being/force (a reasonable belief if the tree has lived to a 100 in Jakarta, it has to have some help). Anyway this meant people weren't focusing on the really important stuff like....

Achmad Sudarsono said...

It's a shame that Oigal has fallen into the habit of criticizing the locals of the country he lives in. Suddenly a group of Muslims are the radical fringe. Furthermore, he blames the victim, in this case Muslims, for their negative depiction in the media.

I know that not all Bules are the ones who get drunk, go to BATS and bring back Ayam, before complaining about Indonesia, but I'm starting to wonder.

And I'm starting to understand why the Proclamator said "Go to hell with your Aid."


oigal said...

Funny, I would have thought the tree was the victim?

As for the negative depiction in the media ... well it wasn't the the tooth fairy that mugged a tree.

I would also suggest that most Muslims I know, would say the mugging of tree in the name of Islam is the actions of fringe group.

As for BATS, Bules, Ayam ..do try and stay on theme.. its not hard.

Do try and read the post with an open mind, nowhere is Indonesia critised, just the tree muggers. (surely you are not a supporter?)