Sunday, October 08, 2006


The world is full of utter utter bastards!!

I have been away again up country in Java, where apparently according to Xenophobes and their ilk, Indonesian women "with a dark complexion, buck teeth, and a high forehead typically found among remote mountain villagers".
I guess (and thank my upbringing for that) that Thang and I see things differently.

Fortunately he/she/it has been brought to task on a number of blogs after his latest ill considered and racist rants. Who is this person (organisation?)anyway? I doubt the name is fooling many. Sad that the "Thangs" contribute to the often deep and ingrained prejudices already creating so many problems in this country.

On the subject of people avoiding their responsibilities, every so often I get into an argument with some as a defender of capitalism and the sustainable exploitation of resources (hey its my thing). Trouble is every so often people and companies make a complete fool out of me and my defence!

The International Tribune reports that as the Lapindo Mud Flow liabilities have increased (13000 people evacuated, eight villages destroyed, etc, etc) PT Lapindo has been sold for $2.00 to an "offshore" company owned by the brothers Grimm. Gee, perhaps the company was sold to facilitate compensation payments....ho ho ho.

Meanwhile Company Spokesman Yunawati Teryana said it was too early to conclude that Lapindo acted negligently and it might have been a natural mud eruption...(yep and maybe tax payers won't end up paying and maybe pigs might fly).

******UPDATE,Green Indonesia --I have just noticed that GI has a more in-depth analysis here

I was always taught that the best way to check it what you are doing is ethical is to pretend that you had to explain what you doing (honestly) to your children. If you could not do that without being ashamed then it’s not ethical.

I am guessing there would be many severely traumatized kids around after finding out the truth about their dad and what he does for a living.

To keep us on the irresponsible and utter bastards theme, you might want to check on latest contribution to the environment in which we all must live...




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