Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Still on the utter bastards theme..

The stupid comment of the week award by a public (?) authority goes to General Sondhi Boonyaratkalin in Thailand who said "martial law was not harming anyone and that lifting it would make it difficult to resolve problems"

It was a tough fight for top position in Thailand with Prime Minister (???) Surayud Chulanont pushing hard with his statement "We value the freedom of people and civil liberties,"

Of course, One amusing little story (in dark sort of way) that did come out of this was a farmer who when asked if he supported the ousted ELECTED government. Said "yes I do" asked if he was going to protest said "I don't support him that much, I have crops to plant and its harder to do from gaol"

Of course, some say the coup has the support of the people, then why martial law?

Fact is coups are never good for democracy, and Thailand should know it's had 18 in recent history.

Please note: I have excluded the local blog world from stupid comments this week ..way too many entries!!!

Oh and the girl in the win the "stupid tourist" award

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