Monday, October 09, 2006


Its now official, this week is UTTER BASTARDS week. North Korea decided to set off a nuclear bomb today in another "great leap forward" for mankind. Thanks Kim, you moron! Oh and for the guys in the photo "up yours too"

I did love this letter to the editor on the subject though,
"The UN will send yet another stongly worded but totally ineffective memo, and sit down and watch the refugees in Darfur starve, while the Europeans will suggest the only action is appease North Korea, The outcome, is that North Korea will soon be exporting WMD to willing buyers because that is the only way they can get cash. ."

Sounds about right, by the way how do you rate starving refugees...say in comparison with..

Those pesky cartoonists have riled the constantly annoyed again, so I have decided to thrown one in myself. Serious you are allowed to smile once in a lifetime.

Its only Monday and it looks to win the only way the utter bastards register can be topped is if Lapindo wins the contract to build the Nuclear Power Plant in Java..(You know the place with the volcanos)


IndCoup said...

One of the best films of recent years is Hotel Rwanda.

It shows how the UN allowed the massacres of hundreds of thousands of citizens even though they could easily taken prevention measures. Really really sick.

oigal said...


Did you hear the Canadan General in charge in Rwanda committed suicide as he was racked with guilt after being being forced to stand by and watch it happen

Tantor said...

Your North Korean complaint is too late. They've been selling WMDs and the technology to make them for years. They've been selling as many Scuds as they can and helped Pakistan develop nukes. That's apart from their lucrative businesses running drugs from their embassies and counterfeiting US $100 bills. If there's anything evil, Kim is making a buck off it.

The only question left is will North Korea drop dead before we have to kick its ass.


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