Saturday, October 14, 2006

The Corby Family Tree

Schapelle Corby's half brother James Kisina is facing charges over a violent home invasion, where two drug dealers were bashed and robbed.

"Kisina has claimed the robbery was an attempt to assist his sister's case, and he was there in an attempt to see if they had any information whatsoever, being drug dealers, which could assist his sister's case"..

uh uh...and you robbed them for expense money...Gotta love Genetics!!

Gee thanks bro...

OOPS, there are probably more than the odd one or two aussies thinking "maybe we were a bit harsh on the Indonesian Justice System".

Its tough to retreat once you have slandered a race/nation/section of humanity as many have learned this week.


treespotter said...

i'm thinkin now i have to rush the plan to bali to do the corby tour before she goes home.

oigal said...

Actually I did hear some time ago that there had already been arranged, a plan to send Corby home to spend her sentence in a OZ jail..Just had to wait until after things went quiet..perhaps after they shoot the Bali bomb dogs.

Me..I guess I am not very sympathic to her cause but I do think the oz press went overboard and ensured she was gunna get the max penalty..I wonder if any of those idiots ever lose a moments sleep.

..I do wish someone would explain why you import ganga into Bali tho, that has always puzzled me

Ujang said...

These guys also thought the economics of it was all wrong.