Thursday, October 05, 2006


Recently some inane, third-rate news (?) current affairs programn in Australia sent reporters to Papua to search for Cannibals (on tourist visas as well, but thats another story).

Well I don't know about deepest darkest Papua but its happening right here in my home (see photo). Of course this is just one of the smaller thugs, his big brother hangs out in my shower recess, which explains the somewhat unsettling sight of me showering in the front yard under the hose (He scares me, its like showering with a Komodo). This front yard showering gave rise to the common term "Bule Gila Masuk Kampung" (Crazy white fella enters the village).

On a related issue, I am busy fighting a rear guard action to protect a 1 meter Montier Lizard (Ralf) who has taken up residence in the drain at the front of the house. Virtually every day, someone is trying to beat it with sticks and or stone it to death (itu gigit mister..that will bite you mister). All commonsense pleas that he will reduce the rats and mice that plaque the streets (not to mention snakes) seem to fall on deaf ears although Ralf has figured out he is safe in our yard, so maybe there is some hope yet.


IndCoup said...

Welcome back.

I quite like lizards really: you don't have to feed em and they don't make any noise or anything.

I even had one in my house who had captured a bird!

oigal said...

Thanks Indocoup..

It was quite a eye opening trip..

Hey I like the lizards too..even if I have been evited from the bathroom..We feed eggs to the moniter lizard..he's (she) is pretty tame now.