Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Class -- you have it or you don't

"Damn, I hate it when I lose invitations"

Just finished reading an cool article on the recent marriage of Danny and Lulu (Danny's Grand Father being none other than the "too ill too attend court" former President Suharto). The wedding soon put paid to those detractors who say the Cendana Family has lost the common touch.

What a wedding party it must have been as well, no subtle, under done bash for this family. According to "Tempo" they even had souvenir roses for the guests. Now these were no ordinary roses, with the rose bud being consructed out of five 10,000Rp bills (for the red colour) with leaves constructed out of 20,000Rp notes.

Local celeb Connie Sutedja gushed "I got three" (aint she a sweetheart). Other note worthy (don't confuse note worthy with praise worthy) guests included Minister for Religious Affairs Maftuh Basyuni, with a total guest list of 5000. Other cutesy items included tulips and imported casablanca lilies (whatever they are?). Rumoured cost of the flowers would exceed two billion Rp (seems a bit much).

Never one to scrape in the mist of poverty, the family lashed out with the food getting the Grand Hyatt to provide Salmon and Beef etc..Not sure what presents were presented, I certainly hope one was a book on class vs crass.

and the loons reckon a tree is bad for society

Well thats all from me, I feel the need to vomit and look up the Indonesian word for no-shame (gotta keep those studies going).


oigal said...

"(The same gal from the Bronx)"

I agree with your opinion but I try and keep the "f"s out of it however much they may deserve it. I hope you are not offended but I "snipped" you

Ben said...

Indonesian word for no-shame ?
"Tidak tahu malu"

(In case you haven't found it yet... :)