Monday, October 16, 2006


Some people were suprised at the Pope's comments and the fact SBY did not win the Nobel peace prize and others were not...

"GUNMEN on a motorcycle shot dead a Christian minister in Palu, the capital of religiously-divided Central Sulawesi province, residents said today.

Reverend Irianto Kongkoli, 40, was shot in the head and died on the spot, they said.

The reverend, who is also the secretary of the Central Sulawesi Communion of Churches, was shot as he and his wife were shopping in south Palu.

Police were not immediately available for comment. "

Of course, it may have been a business dispute because it is after all the Holy Month..

And..its is now 15 days since we have seen the sun, the whole family is sick and haze keeps coming!


treespotter said...

what's holy month got to do with it again?

oigal said...

Only that it is supposed to be a time of peace and forgivness. As I said it may well be non - religion related but based on the region..the odds are "agin" it