Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Heaven's Game

Unlike some who prefer the more "diving prima donnas" brand of football. I much prefer the man's brand of sport! None of the "Sissy boy, He called my mother a name, so I pushed him ..red card crap here"!

Get in, get the ball and make ya mark sunshine!!

Anyway, the Kiwi's and their boring little Hacka have been sent packing ..see you next week guys..

I've got my scarf, got my old coat
I've got a footy game to go to
Footy's on footy's here again
Back to greet me like an old friend, and

That's the thing about
That's what I like about
That's the thing about
The thing about football

I'll meet a friend outside the ground
We'll argue over who's gonna win
He'll go for his team I for mine
We'll watch 'em slug it out, right to the end, and

Show me the crowd and I'll take my place
I'm hungry, I'm hungry for the taste of it, and

I got a long road to walk down
To catch a tram to my favourite ground
Use my legs, used my voice
Make some noise support the boys, and

That's what football means to me
That's how I like my footy to be!

For those of you who are interested in the Tri Nations score.. (the game they play in heaven, waiting for the Australian Rules Season to start)

Australia opened their Tri-Nations account with a 30-18 victory over New Zealand in Auckland over the weekend.

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