Thursday, October 12, 2006


I am angry today !!!!...No bugger it make that seriously pissed off!!

Our quaint, normally clean, little town is completely shrouded in ash and smoke courtesy of those thieving, pillaging, robbing swine and I do mean SWINE burning off the last remaining jungle in Indonesia. Headlights required at 9 am in the morning and virtually impossible to breathe without a mask.

I read recently in the IHT (look for your own reference, I can't be bothered)that Borneo is down to its last 20% of jungle not bad for 20 years work. Do spare me the crap it is little local farmers burning off! The world's heritage being destroyed to fill the pockets of SWINE living far away in that other evironmental disaster, the city where the rivers run black (more commonly known as Jakarta) and elsewhere.

Meanwhile check out what according to UNSPUN this PILLAR OF SOCIETY AND INDONESIAN GOVERNMENT REPRESENTATIVE had to say

Gee, and some of us are so focused on what "BULES" do and don't do. I would not get too worried guys. The place won't be fit for for man nor beast soon and the Bule's will/can leave. Of course, those that have to stay and live in the cess pool (and it won't be the rich bastards who had destoyed your/our heritage), may rue the day they were so focused on the inane and irrelevant.

Anyone of you want to help out with a word that equals contempt x a gazillion...?

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Joepsc said...

We too have it here, though not as bad as you described. Strangely, this is an annual affair which the government is not handling well at all. Perhaps, rich corporate bastards can buy themselves immunity. I wonder if this burning will ever end?