Monday, July 17, 2006


I'm bored bored bored!! Indcoup and Jakartass are just back from Holidays and now I am seriously jealous. Not that I can see any Holidays on the horizon for awhile .. bugger!

You can normally tell when you need a holiday. The motor bike thrill seekers aren't funny any more, the traffic jams lose their sense of being Indonesia's way of telling you to slow down and enjoy the view, that cheap tshirt that you bought that falls apart after the first wash becomes a major issue instead of you thinking it serves me right I knew what I was buying.

I think the vice prez has taken holidays too, as there have been no interesting little "homlies" issuing forth for the past view days....bugger!

So unless something really bizarre takes place in the next few hours, I am off to hunt Anony-mouses and try and work out the connection with the below and anything I have posted over the last week..bugger!

"what about deafeningly loud motorbikes? are u saying u do not or do tolerate religion?? "... huh?

But I will be back tomorrow...BUGGER

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