Thursday, July 20, 2006

Testing Times

Time for a quick test.

Question One: Which one is subjected to Police Questioning and general harrassment..? (You can only pick A or B, Any comments about hoards of weapons, helicopters etc will be laughed at but not scored)

A. A government official who has
20 mins warning of a tsunami and doesn't pass the warning on... hundreds die

B. A girl who poses with her clothes on in a seriously fading (in the rest of the world)brand name magazine.

Question 2: You are a sovereign government and you allow rockets to be fired by a unelected militia force from your soil into populated areas of a seriously paraniod, armed to the teeth neighbouring nation , and the kidnap soldiers of the foresaid nation. Do you expect?

a. The nation rocketed to accept all their past wrongs (real and perceived) and beg forgiveness.

b. The International Community come rushing to the aid of a group already declared terrorist.

c. The Nation rocketed to react with massive force as they have always done, making it so much easier for another neighbouring nation to stomp you again as they did in the past

d. Middle East Nations to band together to support you because we are all brothers and until the unnamed nation came it was all peace, light and justice here.

e. You don't give a toss how many or who dies as long as you "maintain the rage"

(Ok I confess, Answer D is a red herring)

As they say "You can pick your friends but you can't pick your family"


IndCoup said...
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treespotter said...

it always impress me how when people speak of Israel, they always seem to neglect mentioning that the very soverign state that you mention keep an entire nation in occupation and put them behind walls. the last time such thing happened in history was in 1940s. i guess they know best really on how to do this.

The very sovereign state maintain arbitrary borders with its neighbours and conduct raids on regular basis. The said sovereign state invade and occupy this particular neighbour for 18 years and have at least 4 times in the last 10 years launched air raids on civilian facilities like water and power plants.

it's a warzone and the Israelis kidnapped are soldiers. they're bombing an entire country and threatening the whole region.

silly kiddy rockets, they dropped 23 tonnes of explosives just yesterday.

to assume Hisbullah and Hamas as any other terrorist organization is a sham and a play. if they really are terrorist and they're so unelected, then why bomb an entire country??? where's the logic? thought this is a new era with 'disguised' enemy?

it's a paradox to some, a blatant double standard to most.

oigal said...


Please don't misunderstand the post..I am not defending Israel or Palistine here (I have my own view but its not the point).

The point I am making was everything that has happened is entirely predictable..
1...That firing rockets was going to provoke a massive response.
2...The international community was just going to watch
3...Arab Nations would just use the Palistine as a pawn again.
4...Women and Children die

So what was Fkn point!! Hezbollah knew this would happen and nothing will change for Palistine..its dumb dumb dumb

If you say Hezbollah acted ok because its war zone then the response is again expected in war.

As for HAMAS..lets see.. they publicly state Israel has no right to exist (thats fine its their call) but then act shocked when Israel close borders and cease funds..what did they expect a fkn xmas card..

Its all actions and reactions and very predictable

oigal said...


You can't expect anything different from the media in Indonesia. Balanced reporting is not a forte as such.

Its all the evil JOOWS and Zionists..

Problem is who was to blame before 1946....the evil imperial powers..ok..that was for what 80 years...before then..

Eventually, people are going to have to look inwards and stop the generational wanking with the truth that goes on

oigal said...


I also notice you seem to have trouble with Israel being a sovereign state..well granted it is a "recent state" with recent borders however the UN did recognise IT as a state.. Incorrectly one well may say..

Now about that other UN mandated province much closer to home...

treespotter said...

where you get your idea of "Israel being a soverign state" i've no idea. I've very serious problem with the way this particular sovereign state misbehave against every other soverign states around it. Including those they invade and occupy out of habit.

and to indcoup, please, don't mention UN resolutions and Israel, there's no other country in the world that disregard UN resolution the way Israeli does.

you guys have some beef with Islam and Moslems, but at least you should get the facts straight.

oigal said...


"you guys have some beef with Islam and Moslems, but at least you should get the facts straight"

Sorry T/s that's pretty well uncalled for!! Where did I demonstrate I have beef with Islam and Moslems, was it the fact I happen to have an opinion that disagrees with you and the bias in Indonesian Media at the moment, therefore I must have issue with Islam???

What I said entire thing was predicable and dumb. I disagree with a lot people, don't do me a mis-service by reading into it more than there is or attributing opinions to me that you cannot know.

Sovereign state..gimme a really what to go there, google it, rightly or wrongly its a sovereign state.

I would be very interested in what FACTS I got wrong..and will correct of course opinions remain mine.

treespotter said...

this is a big misunderstanding (due to the moderated comment, i couldn't correct my previous comment!!!!)

the sentence should read: "where do you get the idea that i have a problem of Israel as a soverign state. It is a soverign state and i have no problems whatsoever for Israel being a sovereign state. My problem is with how they behaving.

I agree with you that this current events benefits noone.

I've no problems calling it war, in fact that is exactly what i am calling it: it is a war. Hamas and Hezbollah are fighting for their land and their rights, to nominate them terrorist is unfair and too full of western bias. After all, if this is a terrorist action and what they're doing is eradicating terror, why respond in the conventional act of warfare by attacking entire nations?

my reference to media bias is to indcoup claim that Indonesian media are too biased. well, we can go on a long debate here on this issue, but very few out there can claim to be independent media. you can point to Hezbollah kidnapping soldiers without pointing out that Israel set arbitrary borders and occupy significant land in Golan and shelled Lebanon on regular basis in the past 20 years.

You can't speak of disarming Hezbollah when nobody ever mention the UN resolutions have been ignoring in the last years.

in many, many occasions, the bias against Hezbollah and Hamas is twisted to the fact that it is seen and presented as radical moslem terrorism whereas it bears more resemblance to IRA or ETA in Europe. They occupy people for so long with blatant disregard for human rights or international conventions and now they only ride along on this War on Terror bullshit that the US is getting high on.

treespotter said...


In the current two-front crisis with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon and Hamas in Gaza, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has done his best to shape Israel’s agenda as the world’s, presenting it as a regional battle against the growing power of radical Islam and Iran. Hezbollah, and even Hamas, Israel contends, are proxies of Iran and its weaker ally, Syria, all dedicated to keeping the Middle East boiling and preventing an accommodation between Israel and the Palestinians.

there, that sums it up pretty well. that's the NY times.

oigal said...


Mate, I think you are fairly passionate about this and are mixing up what I and Indcoup say.. Indcoup takes a slightly harder line than I on this issue. Without going back and checking each post word for word.

My points were:

1. Hezbollah expected Israel to do what when they fired rockets into Israel (right or wrong it was so predictable).

2. Hamas declares that Israel has no right to exist then is "surprised" when Israel cuts off tax funding (go figure)

3. Media bias, I was actually alluding one of your comments on another post..the media is own by the Jews...please.. lets try the most right wing FOX and NEWS organisation..Yea and I have seen the moron's blog that says Murdoch is a Jew, he is not he was born a protestant and later became a Catholic with his first wife.. he still takes communion.

4. I never spoke of disarming Hezbullah (but personally...

5. Media bias..check it out...

6. "Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has done his best to shape Israel’s agenda as the world’s, presenting it as a regional battle against the growing power of radical Islam and Iran"

Yea agreed and every two bit thug, gangster and murderer wants to justify his evil, he then tries to present it as Islam vs the rest..its bullshit both ways..

Most importantly, I still dispute where my facts are wrong (allow me the right to have a differing opinion about those facts) so please indicate

Also let me know, where I have demostrated I have an issue with Islam per sec..