Thursday, July 27, 2006


Woo Hoo, its on!!! The Best Indonesian Blog elections and the stump has been nominated! Although I am bit nervous about nominated under what "incoherant rants in general" perhaps.

Anyway its on, and you can vote here. Do vote, it should be fun! I have already voted and modesty prevents me from saying how (although if the stump only gets one first place vote the jig is up).

I did vote "fair n square" well sorta... ok not at all..happy now!

I was going to do thing normal thing to gain votes and hand out t shirts but that sneaky Indcoup has that covered with his T Lestri tshirt. I might see if there are any green t shirts left over from the last national elections.

Other than the tshirts, I might have to get into gutter politics and start rumours about the various unsavory sexual habits of my fellow bloggers involving baby oil, wet suits and masking tape (nothing like a sex scandal to heat up the vote, just ask the brits).

Treespotter has already started with magnificent
spleen spurt on expat bloggers and expats in general. Jakartass. has ruled himself out as he is some sort of blogshere KPU (Election Arrangers) and we all know what happened to them. Just kidding!! Actually with him gone makes it easier for the rest of us.

On other matters, Parinduri has taken me to task for being overly negative (I think so has Treespotter but hard to tell, too much bile today). It is a fair point but in my own pathetic defence, its easier to be cynical than upbeat when writing (for me anyway).

In an effort to make up, please go and read this article, it really is a beautiful piece on the special "little people" that make Indonesia a great place to live.

A sample;

" feel more respect and appreciation for "little people" like Pak Abai, because they usually have more skills and often more integrity, and because the quality of my life is greatly enhanced by them. Now that's something I couldn't say for most politicians and entrepreneurs.

All I can say is hear hear!!

LATEST... I been challenged (with some venom) to write what I like/love about will be kinda soppy tho ..I suppose its good thing to show your soft side during election kinda like kissing shit machines (oops I meant like kissing babies..dang this being nice and uncynical(?)is going to be tough)!


treespotter said...

my dodgy opening lines made it explicitly clear that expats are nice and good people. Expat bloggers are likely to be very good people too, only too miserable most of the time and they need to chill out.

a lot.

oigal said...

Funny, I don't feel miserable..maybe its the dark clothes

Anonymous said...

"Personally I don't think I do have issues with Islam." How can anyone vote for someone who comes out with statements like this. I suppose you'd say you don't have issues with religions generally??

oigal said...

"Personally I don't think I do have issues with Islam." How can anyone vote for someone who comes out with statements like this...

So are you saying I should have issues with Islam or I should not..kinda vague..

As a I stated already, I don't have issues with any religion only issues anyone of any calling who claims to know what is best for ME and others..