Friday, July 21, 2006

Indonesian & Korean Day Dreams

Tired of reading, talking, writing about the one sided bias of the ME issues of the past few days. What better plan than to visit Friskodude, a sort of travel blog with attitude and check where I should be going for a holiday (Yes I still need one...bad!!).

Ramadhan is fast approaching and as they say "if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen".

Anyway, casting around (lurking with intent), I followed a link from the Friscodude's site's to check out some new cars at Max Watsons blog Certainly a pleasant lunch hour spend looking at ..mmm new cars. Enjoy and have a great friday!

WARNING: If you are FPI, Anti Playboy, believe women should be kept in sacks then you will most certainly be offended (actually we know you will go and look, ya dirty little pervs, who are we kidding).

Women with small children, its ok safe for well adjusted, sane, moral human beings to see!!


Anonymous said...

take a break mate. go to bunaken at least. of all things - car birds!!

IndCoup said...

off topic, but chilling:

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oigal said...

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