Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Don't Panic!!! There is still time to feed a rabid greenie to a Polar Bear.

Despite what you read and hear to the contrary, of 20 worldwide populations of Polar Bear only 2 have suffered any significant decline in the last 20 years. The other populations are stable and in some cases (shock, horror)

This is a bit a of a bugger. I just got finished selling all my coats and jackets and now they are telling me that Global Warming
may not be happening after all. This is bizarre, I mean rabid greens have made entire careers out of this "Global Warming thingy". Of course, those rabid greens they are robust lot.

In the seventies and eighties the RG catching sloganed t'shirt was the one that that screamed to all and sundry that a Global Winter was going to kill us all in a matter of weeks (this by the way was all America's Fault). Trouble is the screaming unwashed tshirt and hair band market was soon saturated.

After casting around for a few years with various new products such as No Nuclear Power, Free Rhodesia (that has kinda gone off a bit of late), Pro abortion, Anti Abortion, etc etc, it was obvious that a new global scare product was required ..Enter Global Warming.....

The best part is Global Warming (guess what..This is America's fault too)is hard to prove or disprove therefore this was a real winner! As with any crappy sales campain, its best to keep your remarks and scares vague and general. Unfortunately, it is hard to control your sales zealots when their blood is up.

So when the RG's starting making comments like Polar bears are disappearing (they aint!) or the ice is thinning and all the islands are sinking (actually always had problem with that one, how come only some islands are sinking..hmmm). The product is starting to smell a bit.

Anyway, they have had a good run, but looks like the jig is nearly up and someone may have to admit, "Ok you got us..No one knows what is happening yet, sorry about the dodgy data"..(Don't hold your breath)

I can hardly wait for the next one..Maybe.. "No World Wide Disasters Coming - Rabid Greens Starve"

Oh and still on the environment.. Australia is debating to rename an extinct (or not) parrot. New names touted include the
Messiah Bird (due to its constant resurrection from the dead) or the Tuckshop Parrot (due its habit of turning up where ever there is a new development planned).

Now I should point out their are no pictures of this bird as it is extinct!!! This is an interesting fact. Because the "extinct" little bugger apparently has a QANTAS frequent flyers card having stalled proposed $200 million developments in Queensland and Tasmania (about 5000km apart).

Proof of its non extinction (besides the QANTAS Frequent Flyer Registration)is Queensland Parks and Wildlife Services officer Ian Gynther that he has documented more than 30 of what he describes as "reliable" records.

"There are just too many sightings of the parrot by too many people for them not to be seeing the right thing," Gynther says. "The evidence is irrefutable"

Irrefutable??? Really Ian.. Well that's a weight off my mind.. Also helps on the flying saucer and Roswell thing as well!! Lots more than 30 sightings and they have BLOODY pictures. At least we aren't stretching the boundaries of facts here...

And this is the problem..RB's are becoming so discredited with the general populace that they have lost all credibility. Take note, most of us can recognise a SCAM when they see one. The only loser here is the environment.

Maybe time soon to do a post on those other environmental crocks, The Alternative Energy Scams...In particular Indonesia's flavour of the month bio-fuel and that western crock ..Wind power.


treespotter said...

global warming is bullshit. I'm getting far too cold in the office these days i been made to wear jacket at all time. We inquired the building management, and they said this is 'circumstansial phenomenon'. it's getting colder for sure. Jakarta is.

Michael Crichton agreed. Also, if Global Warming is real, how come Al Gore isn't a president?

2. the bear. polar bear. they're cute. i want more polar bear. i think we should have more polar bear. We have too many bipolar disorder, a uni-polar bear would do good.

last, the parrot. Wouldn't Tuckshop be a bit offensive to gay people?

bonus comment: do you have drugs over there? in the big island? just curious.

oigal said...

T/s having drinking too much cough medicine again...

We really do need to get you a day job!

me i like the pengiuns..I am still pissed about my earlier picture of the pengiun is supposed to be animated but I aint smart enough to download (or upload, side load, catch a load whatever you computer geeks do)it right..

Tuckshop...Gay?? that may explain why the stupid parrot went extinct...that an the long flights from Tas to QLD

The big Island?? you trying to track me down again...tsk tsk..

however on the little long island ..i dunno about drugs..We do have a shitload of fact one of the guys working here is called Panadol .."slow working dope"