Sunday, July 02, 2006

Guantanamo, Refugees and Indonesia

It’s a quiet Sunday first time in a long while, not a thousand things to do (yea I know I have been told a million times not to exaggerate). So today a slow lazy introspective post.

Firstly, I have been accused of (in one way or another) of being overly critical or one sided when talking about Indonesia. Well that would be and is true! It will indeed be a rare thing for me to comment places like America or Australia etc. There are thousands of bloggers already doing a far better job than me on those places. For instance you want a view of Australia for the left try here, or from the right try here, for America try…naggh bugger it, they are loud enough on their own without any encouragement from me.

But for today only, the stump offers up the following cartoon.

Be under no doubt the creation of special “zones of exclusion” to prevent refugees from accessing the legal process in Australia is perfidious and evil and Guantanamo is a long fall from the moral high ground. Then again the curent attempt by Australian Prime Minister Howard to change Australian Refugee laws to effectivly block Papuan Refugees is pathetic appeasement to the Indonesian ruling class of the most base level.

So I will continue to comment on what I see in Indonesia and the region and sorry all, I afraid the defence they do worse elsewhere just “doesn’t wash”

Have nice day and have a chuckle at this one

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