Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Something in the water

Must be something in the water!! Treespotter is having a
rant(amongst other things) about the Israel, the US and the Palistine problem/issue/crisis. That alone makes him braver than me as I don't think anyone can sort that mess out. I am certainly not one of brigade that thinks its all the JOOWS fault. Not that they help their cause with massive force in return for rocket attacks. I have never understood how Palistine can be so poor when the Middle East is awash with PetroDollars, perhaps they are of more use to some as a "cause"...I dunno..

All I can think of is uproot the UN HQ from New York with all its fat cats and money wasters. Dump the whole shebang in the middle of the disputed terrorities and let them maintain the peace on behalf of the world.

Indcoup has drawn a massive 22 comments (at last count) on being awoken at 4:30am.

Jakartass as usual has the people at heart and is appealing for help in the latest disaster to hit Indonesia.

Now a disclaimer...I have no idea, where the picture is from. It has arrived on my computer several times over the last few days. Variously titled as orginating from Indonesia, Nigera, Malaysia, China.

Does anyone know???


treespotter said...

Palestine is really poor because they live in a walled ghetto. Israel is holding back to their tax income and they're practically in prison. What we heard of Palestine as a nation is really misleading.

it takes 4 hours for a 7km trip to deliver milk. how do you run business there? half the population live on electricity/water supplied by Israel that's being turned off at will.

I'm commenting coz your comment sound a lot like you're alluding to the ignorance of the rest of the arab nations surrounding Palestine, well, they're really useless bunch of shithead with fancy headwear really, but where Palestine economy and well being is concerned, well, it's kinda hard to be anything at all when you're being pounced and raped on regular basis.

as for the photo, i'm not sure, but it looks nice.

oigal said...

Hey T/s

I honestly don't or can't understand all the issues. A couple of points though..Didn't HAMAS refuse Israel's right to existance therefore not unexpected Israel stop supplying funds?. The wall is relatively recent as is the denial of funds..what happened before?

Not making any comment on the ignorance or not of Arab nations but if Iran can supply 13000
missles, then perhaps it could supply a power station.

It still appears to me that Palestine is getting shafted but it ain't just the jews who are doing the shafting.

oigal said...

The photo nice??? I would have thought it would go down as the dumbest way to steal fuel in history.