Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Evil Zionists and Sneaky Arabs

It might be the emotion of the times, but the recent most crisis in the Middle East has predictably got people fired up across the world.

Indonesia brought up on a fairly obscenely biased pro Palestine diet has given the Media its head and it is off and running in the "evil Zionist mode". Meanwhile, the majority of the US press is running with the "sneaky Arabs" (Syria, Iran..You know the usual suspects) and the European press is....Does anyone know what they stand for at any time (lets exclude the Guardian, fairly sure they are only a source of cheap filler articles for the Jakarta Post)?

Interestingly Al Jazeera came out with probably the most balanced reporting so far. A couple of the more interesting quotes from the Al Jazeera article include:

"accused Hezbollah of "cowardly blending" among Lebanese civilians and causing the deaths of hundreds during two weeks of cross-border violence with Israel"

"Israel's offensive "disproportionate" and "a violation of international humanitarian law."

Probably about right, pretty hard to have anything but contempt across the board with both these mobs.

I have also come under attack for having issues about Islam although I have not been able to pin down the actual root cause of complaint. Personally I don't think I do have issues with Islam.

I do have issues with mindless thugs who cower behind the shroud of religion such as the so called Islamic (???) cleric who wanted to
kill 1000 innocent bystanders to "please Allah" or....

Our very own Islamic Defenders Front (this would give you a great belly laugh if it wasn't so sad and hypercritical), the FPI (with defenders like these who needs enemies) reported the Indonesian Miss Universe contestant to the Police stating "We are reporting her and several others involved in her participation in the Miss Universe pageant, for intentionally and openly engaging in indecency,"

Now ok that's a bit extreme and more that bit intolerant but the next quote from the mob who has harassed people, stormed and ransacked various places of public (and I might add legal) entertainment, rocked and damaged various embassies, trashed magazine offices, etc etc etc is stunning in its unmitigated gall!

"We, at the FPI, are concerned. If the law is not respected, what will happen to the country?" the lawyer said.

Time the FPI came up with a new name the current one just does not do these people (?)justice and their acts justice.

At least the complete lunacy made the Taipei Times and the Washington Post so the FPI is really doing the country proud.

Oh and speaking of western media bias and paranoia, and do cast your mind back to "those" cartoons check this out.


oigal said...

Hey Victor..you ain't invited

IndCoup said...

And why didn't Lebanon implement the UN resolution ordering them to disarm Hezbollah?

oigal said...


You are making the assumption that the UN actually serves some useful purpose. I have had the misfortune of working with them (not for them, prior to that I had some respect for the concept. They are nothing more than corrupt, pc employment agency. People given positions no matter how inept, corrupt or useless.

Personally I have no idea why most democracies even both with it.

Having said that, I have issues with Israel who used the UN montiering force as a means to re-allocate troops to other areas not guarded/montiered by the UN. Hezbullah thugs aside, Make no mistake Israel cares about Israel only and screw the rest (understandable, not nice but understandable considering what the world did 60 years ago).

oigal said...


Point noted and acted upon..thanks