Wednesday, March 26, 2008

American Hopes

Amongst all the noise and tomfoolery, I am always amazed at the little pearls of wisdom that pop up on the web (and sometime the absolute stupidity). Sometimes intentional but more often than not these little gems are created in the same way as the pearl as a response to an irritant.

Treespotter is a place the Stump occasionally frequents not that we have anything in common but as I find the place “curious”. However, this little pearl rang true.

“I don’t think America ever truly realized how much the world has come to hope from them.”

Which sums up so much of the Stump Opinion. There is nothing more pathetic listening to the blinkered morons complaining about how evil America is, whilst standing knee deep in human misery of their own making.

Is there anything more pathetic than watching half the nations of the world complain about conditions in Guantanamo Bay detention camp and the legal (or not so) processes that detain people there. A significant number of the finger pointers have far far worse records themselves. To drive a point home, how would Indonesia stand up with a non biased review of its legal processes and the conditions of detainees? Middle East? Australia?

To the Stump, it’s not so much that America has GITMO because in reality there are still very few nations that could stand an honest comparison but why?

We, the rest of the world expected so much more...We hear the morons, the dictators, the despots and the murderers all defaming you but they remain the noisy, obnoxious frauds and lairs they are. The rest of us still want to see what can be rather than what has to be.

Yes, it’s unfair and unrealistic, and probably the first time in human history that a super power has carried so many of the hope sof the world with it. Never the less America remains the light on the hill for so many of the people of the world and we are sad when she displays a little of the dark side that sadly so many people the world have to live with every waking minute.

Another Stolen Pearl tomorrow..which links in a Stump kind of way..

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