Friday, March 14, 2008


Its friday...and it's been a lonnnng week! Seems like everyone is doing a runner to places that actually cater to tourists rather then make posters up about tourism.

But we are the Stump are trapped for awhile but if all goes to China later in the year to visit a sister manufacturing company (They were going to do it here but after 12 months of inconsistant tax rulings and start up regulations decided to pass).

Anyway, as I said off to China to see a factory...naagh..I am lying..I wanna see THIS!!!!!!!!! (We miss the Indcoup girls!!)

Its ok the mystic princess said I can look but not touch!!

So enjoy your weekend..and remember the words of the famous Henry Lawson..

"Beer makes you feel the way you should without drinking beer"


GJ said...

Hmmmmmm, What can I say? Nice!!
Where in China are you heading??

treespotter said...

i know someone will assume the mantle just as soon.

Dilligaf said...

Paint or PS? Your skills are improving.

I'm not running away, I am being dragged kicking and screaming to a place where there are no black bits painted over naughty bits.

Bugger isn't it!

(Edit: I am going to Thailand for research purposes only, I shall post my findings)

oigal said...

Hi GJ...

What can I say..not normally big on posting the naked sheila pics but even so often you see something that makes you say..Damn that's cute!...Eeer Dunno yet (I should) but been so busy here have not paid much attention where the lucky ones have been disappearing to..

Tree...I liked Indcoup's style..damn shame evil bastards pervailed..

Dili...Paint..skills are easy to improve when the base point is zero..grin..
kicking screaming huh...I wanna kick and scream too then,,,can I come..can I ....I'll be good and I don't eat much (well food anyway)

Rob Baiton said...

Ohhh...I thought that the girl in the picture was modelling the product of the manufacturing joint / factory that you are going to visit...

Don't worry this coming week is a short one. So, what you lose on the swing you make up on the merry-go-round!

Inconsistent tax rulings and start-up regulations. I am guessing this ranks right up there with accountants! And Indonesia wonders why they collect so little tax!

I suppose when enough people and companies decide to take a pass on Indonesia the government will wake up and smell the coffee.

So what happened to the Indocoup girls by the way? I sort of noticed that it was there one day and gone the next, but have not really followed the story.

treespotter said...

you should just follow in his footstep (sans the homicidal stalker, i hope)

oigal said...

Hi Tree..

Mmmm Do you mean I should delete the blog?? or post more naked pictures..grin..

Rob..ICoup is an ugly story..
as for business Indonesia... that's just a joke..we make a few bucks but that's in spite of the governement rather than with the assistance of.