Thursday, March 27, 2008


Hey… The Stump is kinda chuffed (chuffed = impressed, proud, happy, mixture of all etc etc).

There has been a significant increase in Indonesian Ladies (actually better make that ladies from around the region) popping by to leave a comment or email over the past week or so. Even better not all have called for the Stump to be gelded (Which besides painful, tends to make you want to curl up on top the TV and go to sleep, if Tom Cats are any measure).

Always nice to have a women around to pull us blokes back into line..

Thanks and do leave a comment..

P.S. I will do a link to you all soon under CHUFFED LINKS perhaps.


Silverlines said...

Chuffed links got nothing to do with cuffed links, do they?

oigal said...

eer nope :_)))

Silverlines said...


Alas I am no longer linked albeit being a gal commenting here.