Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Where was the Stump when this news broke…

According to the New Scientist, 20 Dec 2003 “Masturbation may protect against prostate cancer”

Meanwhile a team from the Cancer Council of Victoria came to the conclusion that the more men ejaculated (with or without partner) between the ages of 20 and 50 the less likely they were to develop prostate cancer..

Aaaggh that’s a relief! Although if I combine this news with what ol Nana used to say, I am going to have the healthiest prostate in the South East Asia but blind as a bat.

Oh well…gotta go… health matters you see..


Rob Baiton said...

Sounds like an excuse by men and for men...but hey, "Nana, it's for my prostate health and nothing more"!

Medical science never ceases to amaze!

oigal said...


True enough..still had an ol mate who always moaned about his prostate and heart day said .bugger it..sometimes I wish I had been born a woman.. but that would not have worked..would have got nothing done..I would have spent all day playing with my breasts..

GJ said...

Bugger, I just had to get my first pair of glasses. Well at least there is an upside.

oigal said...

Now thats a bugger..see nana was right..of course she also use to say swallowing a table spoon of sugar would cure the hickhups

Silverlines said...

Surely this one solution is an alternative when there's no other way?

oigal said...

Silver lines..If it feels good..

BTW ..There are two kinds of men in the world...One's who masterbate and liars..

Sorry but at the end of the day we are pretty base species..

Silverlines said...

I have no problem at all, especially compare to dealing with liars.
And besides, a man gotta do what a man gotta do, aite?

PS: Why is my link followed by a q mark?

Silverlines said...

And oh, do you still go back and forth to Kupang?

oigal said...

Hi Silver Lines,

" man gotta do what a man gotta do,aite?"
I love it .. (The phrase that is).

Kupang..not so much these days..alwasy used to stay at "Flob Dua" They used to have the loudest bemo buses in Indonesia. I learnt my first Indonesian phrase there.."STOP NONG STOP" ..grin.

The ? mark is because there is only a one sentence post on your blog..where's the rest?

Silverlines said...

Flob Dua is euuughhh .. busy, but I have to say their mall is .. colourful!!!
Oh and I miss Nelayan restaurant's steam fish with cold beer by the beach. Life's perfect then. I just wish I'd have chances to go there again and do the road trip to Atambua like before. We never know.

The rest of the posts had vanished, I am afraid. Prefer to only communicate by emails with friends than posts update, if need be.

oigal said...

Hi Silver..or should that be Hi Ho Silver..mmm what are you alluding to about the FLOB..been some time since I was there.are you suggesting???? Dang I hope not means I missed it!!

Ah I see.. so where does the Stump fit in.. friends, enemies, mild amusement, charity work..grin..

If you wish you can contact me at ..that would be cool..

Of course, you don't have to use the email but you may wish to comment on another post or someone will think we ahve a weird, kinky prostate thing happening here (and to be honest, game for anything once but that prostate check thing ..once was enough..dang near put my head thru the fluro..the lady doctor could have warned me what she was about to do..