Wednesday, March 12, 2008

FGM (Coming to a child near you)

Just a quick one today and a plug for Indonesian Matters
and Indonesia Anonymus.
I stole the graphics from their sites. However, I think both topics and posts are worth a very hard look. As for the picture of evil above, it sums up my opinion of Female (and male for that matter) Genital Mutilation.

FGM ….Its wrong, It's Barbaric, It's Primitive = IT'S EVIL

Of course, feel free to disagree and comment but don't bother here, anybody who supports this kind of child abuse can take a long hike with a blunt knife and go slash their own appendages to their hearts content.

Does any human really doubt there is not a correlation between the top picture and the bottom graphic (Graphic relates spending on basic education by country, Indonesia is the bottom line ..surprise, surprise).

Indonesia shameful spend on Education (not shortage of new government cars tho) click to enlarge


GJ said...

Just read this in the Jakarta Post over breakfast.

I just don't understand, but I suppose my country spends a tad more on education. WHY WHY WHY!!!!

Silverlines said...

You'd be surprised to learn that noone is able to do anything in this country to prevent this from going.