Friday, March 28, 2008

FREE SPEECH and.... political agitation

Hey Back already..naagh..thought this was worth stalling the polishing of the armour for...

Government Web Site Attacked..(made more user friendly)

The Jakarta Post reported today that Telecommunication and cyber expert (Self Appointed ??)Roy Suryo, who played a key role in drafting the cyber law, said the attack on the ministry's website was revenge from a porn-lover site.

"I predicted such a move from people opposing the law and the government's move to block the websites with adult content.

"That's why we need public participation to make the action a success," he told The Jakarta Post.

Roy warned the attack was only the first in a series of similar actions against other ministry websites or even more important ones, such as the official sites of the president and the vice president.

He said not only porn-lover sites but also many other people would try to hack the government's websites because those planning to use their blogs or websites to spread political agitation or misleading data could be affected by the law.

"That's why I urge police to investigate the case thoroughly to find the hackers. The police can apply the law ... so they can deal a heavy punishment," he said.

TICK....... TICK......... TICK...Gee who would have suspected it had nothing to do with On Line Porn anyway. Even the most brain dead, intellectually moribund, techno leper would know it would be impossible to ban online porn (whatever happened to parental responsibility)as the vast majority is hosted offshore anyway.

We are still left with the basic questions:

1. What is Porn?

2. What is political agitation? (I would have thought that was part of democratic process, more so than giving away free t-shirts..huh)

3. What is misleading Data?

I wonder who decides the answers to these questions? Roy the Cyber Expert? The local crooked pollie (is there another kind?) who is exposed on the Internet? The very strange man who currently censors the movies on Indonesian TV (Now there's a fella with some serious mental health issues)...mmm the mind boggles!

Anonymous blogging anyone? Still we must thank Roy the Cyber Expert (sounds like a chat room perv doesn't it, I should think up a new name for him that's not the this case)..

Sorry not links today, having trouble with the internet, must be all the people downloading pictures to assist with Prostate Health.


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