Friday, March 21, 2008



Apparently the Stump has angered some "Twisted Sisters" (Don't get the wrong idea, one is male) with a comment I left on Unspun. It has been decided that the Stump is:

holier than thou (amusing considering my position on religion);
angry about everything (I prefer blogs with passion but what ever rocks ya boat);
Has "hidden superiority feeling towards everything and everyone" (Can't have hidden that well then can I?);
reminds me of an Australian guy who was asking for a flat-white in a nice restaurant, and just because the staff did not understand, as the term flat-white is not common, he got instantly angry (Perhaps getting bloggers mixed up but hey why worry about accuracy when poormans abuse will do);
Oigal has never tried to apply to work in Singapore Airlines (mmm...No..and you have never applied to work at the great lakes city council); and
bitter white men disappointed with life in Indonesia (and who have nowhere else to go)... Yawn....

Not to mention a shedload of other family and personal undesirable values (Both inferred and otherwise)...OOOPS almost forgot anti-Indonesian..(gee what are you guys Indonesian Accountants just waiting a chance to ponce?)

What brought this on...a detailed description of a week long bar crawl in Jakarta, a anti religious post? A sexist description of my dream woman. Nope..It was a fairly innocent post that if you are going selectively imply Western Men disrespect Indonesian women there is an equally if not uglier side of the story closer to home.

Ok, I did made a couple of mistakes, I shall not again

1. I used a family reference as an example of what some women have to put with rather than a general tale.

2. Expected a level of rational discussion

On "1" some people seemed to think they could then use my family as props for their own rationales..My big mistake, their poor taste

On "2" You would reckon I would have learnt by now every discussion has to descend into "What right do you have to say that!"

BTW..Every right to comment, less than some more than most.

One last point..if you going for character assassination at least use some flair..

"you have paid your last respects to the most evil man ever to hold office...a cruel, arrogant deceitful, hypocritical, malevolent, treacherous and lecherous man, one of the worst criminals ever to escape the gallows, a gangster, a thief, a thug, a blackmailer, a ballot rigger, a wife starver,a traitor to his union, a standover man, a giver and taker of bribes, a tyrant and a coward.

Left Wing MP Clyde Robert Cameron to Prime Minister Bob Hawke after Bob attended the funeral of one of Clyde's enemies.

Now trading insults with Clyde would have been interesting (and probably terminal in a literary sense) but makes the rest seem just some much spoilt floss.

Have fun..

P.S. Speaking of profiling...the Stump had to sit for Pysch Profile recently as part of new job application (honest, that was the reason!). So I can give the official recorded version rather than the version so joyfully pointed out by our new posting friends...eer It is not that flattering and funny as all get out (if was about someone else)..You wanna hear?


Rob Baiton said...

Here, here!

Classic Clyde Cameron flair indeed. The man was one to never mince his words!

Psychometric testing...If I am not mistaken I am proved to be psycho every time (that is psychometrically suitable)!

As I said somewhere on my own blog it has all become a little bit tiresome as it as you have also suggested degenerated into snide, sniping, personal attacks and not a reasoned debate on the pros and cons that stand on the principles of the various contributors...

And in the same vein as Uncle Ned's final words in this world -- such is life!

Finally Woken said...

As I have mentioned and promised before, I have removed all family reference as per your request. Here's the new posting.

Finally Woken said...

Wow, can't believe you have to approve the comments before they appears in your blog...

Andie Summerkiss said...

I followed the "Unspun-string" back and forth to a lot of other blogs myself. I can safely said that I honestly don't understand most of the comments posted. Maybe I don't speak English at the same level as the commentators, but I am grateful not to understand it.

I did get some of the points you tried to make and I would like to say that I agree with you as I myself am victim and have to endure such treatments.

So ... thank you for the interesting read!

oigal said...

I saw that today and ack.

"As I have mentioned and promised before," mmm I must have missed that, I thought the statement was you had things to do and would review it later.

I do concur..
"all people are good at judging others' characters, and they eventually will form their own opinion about each blogger." as do I...

I do note your comments here and on your post re comment moderation..To each his own but as I am away for long periods of time and with the odd Troll hassle some comments are not fit for general reading (filth and abuse, threats with no point) therefore they are deleted. However I do try and tell everyone who was deleted and why.

oigal said...

Thanks Andie,

Probably safest to stay out of the fray..what was a relatively innocent comment was soon hijacked with a completely different agenda. Still not real sure why..oh well ,,,

Finally Woken said...

Oigal then you missed my second posting where I already said that I'd do it, but in my own time and my own term.

Thanks for the twisted sister label, by the way. I love the band, but aren't they too fruity for you? *wink

oigal said...

Mmm..Well all I really wanted was to remove the family reference as quickly as possible becuase it detracts from everything else..

As for the twisted sister..glad you see the humour..I mean seriously if you are going to insult someone do it with flair (and a bit fun) otherwise people think you are just bitter and twisted..grin

Hey.. I am big supporter of fruits..anything that cuts down the competition..

Its a shame, it went where it I would ahve enjoyed jousting with you on the facts but in my opinion you spun (pun intended) off into White Men VS BROWN MEN instead of Womens Rights vs the rest...different topic and only plays to the xenos

Achmad Sudarsono said...

Hi 'Stump,

For what it's worth, I've been refraining from the usual trolling - but I am cooking up another moronic column for IM - Achmad.

oigal said...

In this particular case...I appreciate your restraint. Actually IM is getting boring, dare I say they miss you?

Achmad Sudarsono said...

Sites ebb and flow. But Patung has done a heroic job in keeping it going. For the record, I thought your family request was fair and a bit of a lapse of form not to chop it.

oigal said...

It was my fault, never should have metioned it (twas only to validate that such things really happen and not just hearsay). However it annoyed me to the max as some really really stupid and inane things were being said but I couldn't re-enter the fray as it would inviarably come back family again..a rather sneaky and low form of censorship by design or accident the effect was the same.