Tuesday, March 11, 2008



Sorry all, the Stump has been really remiss in posting of late but busy fighting off that mammalian parasitic sub-species commonly known accountants (Who else would have the nerve to descend upon the innocent worker bees to discuss their very future at the same time insisting upon flying business class and staying in Five Star hotels).

Never the less, we appear to be having some success in warding off their evil designs although one should never under-underestimate the many faces of “the accountant”.

Took awhile, but the “Sorry” post is beginning to drag out the “noble savage” dreamers and the Stump will revisit this issue later as it deserves a more researched approach.

In the meantime, I must thank today’s Jakarta Post humour page (also known as Readers Forum) for inspiration for today’s lazy post.

WAHID writing about the upcoming Jakarta Jazz Festival states

“If it doesn't cost your government or people a cent, go ahead and do it, but don't be fooled by the 'culture' content.
Jazz is celebrated by the oldies who are tired of musical finesse, and is enjoyed with barrels of beer to warm up spent and waning sexual desires.
Pity your beautiful dames as victims of Western predators, all under the banner of culture.”
Kuala Lumpur

Fortunately it appears WAHID is in KL, which would have to go down as a good thing for Indonesia. Although I must admit a perverse joy in discovering my blog sparring partner Jakartass as a Jazz devotee has been finally exposed as an “Oldie, western predator with no musical finesse, with a spent sexual desire who lives in a barrel of beer” (Although being an Englishman, it would of course not be real beer just warm treacle). All this time I thought his major character flaws were his support for that bloody round ball game and distinct tilt to the left. Just goes to show….

On the other hand, our “CIGAR” time Blogger.. DILLIGAF has a quaint but very apt phrase for these talking mammals (Wahid not J) starts with F and ends with Witt). Not a term normally found on the Stump blog but sometimes a word just fits.

P.S. Who the hell, uses the word “Dame” anymore? Studying English from old B&W movies does has it’s drawbacks it would appear.

PPS. Post might be a bit infrequent over the next few weeks as we continue our crusade against the shadows of evil. You may wish to spend some time at the non-anonymous blogs, don’t forget to buy something..Tee hee..

Disclosure 1: The Stump is a not so secret JAZZ fan... yet to hear a wailer compare to the Magnificent Ella..now if they played that from the Mosques at prayer time..

Disclosure 2: The Stump Blog, sells no widgets, hosts no conferences, does not presume to known the ulitmate purpose of Blogs.


GJ said...

Great to have you back!!
Was a tad worried the feline type accountants had successfully unseated you and taken command. Build a stockade, grab a flag and Keep up the fight!!!!!!


oigal said...

Ho di Ho,

It was two against a 100, smoke, blood and guts. Screams and groans of the dying surrounded us..bugger me those two put up fight.

Actually GJ, the battle is not yet over but we have gain a key victory and perhaps enough to win...

Dilligaf said...

Cigar Time Comment!

What is the difference between an accountant and a cod?

One is a scum sucking bottom feeder and the other is a fish!

Thak god for words, I was getting tired of Obama's cartoon.

On another note, out of here for two weeks come Saturday...Thailand beckons!

GJ said...

Fingers are crossed!!!

Jakartass said...

Ah, now I understand your emails. FYI, I didn't go to the Java Jazz Festival because it had very little jazz and all at very expensive prices.

I really wanted to catch Dhafer Youssef, a Sufi oud player and divine singer, on the Sunday but ... ho hum. (Google his name and give a listen.)

Oh, and English beer is real and doesn't travel well, especially in little stubbies. Until I came to the southern hemisphere I thought stubbies were what Ozzies pissed out of, rather than cans they drank piss out of.

Travelling really broadens the mind, eh? Enjoy China.