Saturday, March 15, 2008


Ok, I am probably going to have to delete this post as it is both sexist and politically incorrect/racist (and the Stump always likes to take the moral high ground at personal risk for nose bleeds). However, a good friend sent a funny (yea yea I know) sms after reading the stump's latest post..

"Geez Mate, I could do things with her that would make a poofter vomit"

"Re your sorry post..Did you hear that an Aboriginal Activist rang the Australian Federal Police and said SORRY as well...............but he doesn't know anything about any stolen generators?"


Rob Baiton said...

The mind boggles on the first SMS!

The second SMS, perhaps racist, more of a generalization, but when it is all said and done it is a clever play on words -- maybe it offends, maybe it does not!

oigal said...

Hi Rob..

Mmmm oops... I knew there was something else I had to meaning to palce your blog on the stump links..oh won;t happen overnight but it will happen..

As for your question on was ugly and made a mockery of everything the anti-anon xenophobes advance.. no really at libery to say more here.. have an email?