Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Asylum from Bird Flu

Thanks to Nilk/Leeianne for the cartoon. I really don't think I need to comment on cartoons, more than enough has been said and forgotten over recent months.

Meanwhile, The Jakarta Post
reported that "Indonesia postponed signing an agreement on Australian assistance to fight bird flu with A$10 million of funding.

"This postponement is linked to the granting of the visas," Lalu Mara Satria Wangsa, from the public welfare minister's office, told Agence France-Presse.

"The government has one voice on this," Lalu said, adding that the agreement would be signed when "diplomatic relations are more conducive"."

Why is it the poorest people always pay the biggest price for Politcians stupidity (in all countries)? You can bet should bird flu break out in Indonesia, the connected, the rich and the powerful will have no trouble getting hold of "Tami Flu" tables and good medical assistance. As for the poor they can be secure in knowing they taught Australia a lesson.

One suggestion The Public Welfare Minister's Office might want to consider a name change.

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