Thursday, March 09, 2006

Oxygen Thieves

Forget the Anti Porn Bill, what this nation urgently needs is a law against people breathing oxygen and producing nothing of value in return...Don't believe me on

Woohoo..Today's insanity is brought to you by the 34 Members of the Indonesian House of Representatives Commission VII. Who so thoughtfully turned up yesterday to scruntinize (sic) and discuss the $30 Million PT Newmont Minahasa Raya out-of-court settlement for the alleged pollution of Buyrat Bay.

Lo and behold, when they got to the meeting, Jakarta Post (JP) reports that nobody had a copy of the document!!

You have got to love this quote from the JP:

"After spending some 90 minutes arguing among themselves, the 34 members of the House of Representatives Commission VII overseeing the environment decided to postpone the hearing indefinitely until each had a copy of the deal"

It took them 90 damn minutes to realise that nobody had read or had a copy of the document and there was nothing to talk about?

NOT ONE of these valued, hard working, dedicated Representatives of the People actually took the time to source the document and read it before the meeting (although research and thought prior to deliberations has never been a strong point witness the anti-pornography bill)?

How many of the Legislators will claim their "meetings" allowance for this shamozzle?

Mind you, its all a waste of time anyway (as are most of those involved). The settlement is already signed off, sealed and done. Now what will be interesting is how much of the $30 Million goes back to the villagers of Buyrat Bay. Don't hold your breath for the media in Indonesia to follow it up though ok.

I can call it a funny post for its sheer arrogant stupidity and I can laugh or cry (I choose laugh this time). The average Indonesian should be outraged at the sheer waste of space the majority of their elected officials have proven to be. They, who time and again embarrass the nation and its people. Although to be fair, it can be hard to outraged when you are busy wondering where your next feed is coming from or when the next idiot is going to tap you on the shoulder because your t shirt is too tight.

Of course, the actual details of the Newmount case, along with Freeport, KPC all have a very interesting ....mmmm...history later ok


IndCoup said...

nice post.

did you know the legislators actually recieve a payment for each bill that they debate in addition to their salaries?

treespotter said...

had you stopped about half way and not go on about the sad fate of lots of people poisoned to death, it would've counted as a happy post, or at least a funny one.

beside, you're rushing this, and i can't take my HP turn until next week, i plan to remain depressed until the weekend.

Joepsc said...

Amusing indeed, and they are legislators and not common folks!

Somehow, news from here and those from Malaysia are rather comical - like you said, it can make you laugh or cry. Call it Asean's version of "Just For Laugh". If there should be stupidity, let us be entertained to the fullest, rather than be depressed or agitated by it.

oigal said...


No I didn't know that. From what I have seen that would almost be classed as fraud wouldn't it?

I had to re-read my post! (oh you mean the Buyat Bay) Personally, I am not so sure that is true nor is Newmount responsible (some HP counts). However, I do not dispute that each and every time the locals seem to get screwed over. That does not always mean its the big mean multinational. You could also ask where has all the royalty and tax revenue gone? Why was the environment issue such a big deal at the end mine life? Who was the Government Minister responsible for thru life audits? Does he still have job? Why? etc etc. It may be time to start looking inward instead of always looking for someone else external to blame (hey and if you don't like the wasn't me one of my staff must have forged it..grin..jus kidding)

Yes, I am rushing it, If I had know it was this hard, I never would have started it. Its bloody depressing having to be a "happy little poster" everyday. I have come to the conclusion that people that are always happy are sickos who should be slapped hard with wet soggy newspapers


Thanks had a look at your site the other day, it obviously gives you the Sh@Ts as well.You are right you have to laugh or go insane..

treespotter said...

Yes, MP received 2m in addition to their salary for each Law they pass. Tho this is is ridiculous, i'm not sure if this is by itself is enough incentive to work extra hard on any particular law - considering other models of reward are widely available (read Indcoup theory on Yusril).

As for the Buyat case:
Newmont is definitely and undoubtedly responsible. If you're paying for FedEx i'll put shitload of materials to you. Do you know that newmont rewards 'independent' bloggers to write on their behalf? i know this for a fact.

As for targetting multinationals, hey, Indonesia could've had Zebras for MPs and Gov't officials and we probably wouldn't have noticed the difference in the earlier years.

While that is all true, multinationals have also been known to work with wild abandon where public interest collides with their commercial interest. I can quote Enron, Phillip Morris, Merck, Microsoft, Freeport, various asbestos and tobacco, all the oil companies working in Africa and South Asia, and that might even include McDonald's.

I would personally argue that the single most important deciding factor that could help countries such as Indonesia to work on their environmental concerns would be the very multinationals who pour their Wall Street billions - and have been very busy indeed in bringing them back.

Newmont should take responsibility for these things, before the shit hit the fan and could've helped you with a happy post.

treespotter said...

btw... u should turn off the comment moderation, just a suggestion since it would discourage discussion and interaction among your most avid fans... :D

- this one don't need to go live btw, just can't be bothered to look for ur email address.

oigal said...

Don't get me wrong. I am not standing in the trenches defending the multi-nationals. My point is that democratic Governments by their very charter have an obligation to represent the people and its no use just blaming the multi-nationals without placing blame those who are supposed to represent the nations best interests. All to often regulation becomes a method to extract $$ not achieve the best result. I ask again how much of the $30Million will end up in Buyat?

Unmoderated comments, I will consider it just have to be careful about feeding the Troll.

Seriously busy this week, so maybe posting will be a bit off

treespotter said...

i'll feed the damn trolls just fine... you know, they can be amusing, just leave em around, delete the annoying post... good luck with the $$$ chase, we'll have brewskies :D

as for the buyat business, well, it's likely that very little of that will get there at all... you have to assume how much it will cost to research and gather the information and the administrtive side of distributing the funds etc and all that, you know.. the cost of democracy.

i'm being sarcastic there.
problem with democracy is that it lower the standard to the lowest common denomination by its very nature, then ew're left with Troll-ey politics (that's not a word, is it, Trolley? or is it Trollish?)

better back to lego bricks.

Jakartass said...

Newmont "rewards 'independent' bloggers to write on their behalf."

Hey, I'm independent. How much do they pay?

oigal said...

Hi Jakartass,

Err I have to be a disappointment but I think you might be too deep a shade of green for Newmount.

Although you would have to be very naive to think the latest goings on at Freeport is an innoccent uprising of local discontent. Timing is just too perfect!