Thursday, March 23, 2006


I think this counts as a Happy Post.. Someone just sent me a penis today!!..Not a real one (That would be way too much like a perverts Mafia..No finger but penis in a box). No they sent me a picture of one, its big and chocolate (ish) colour.

I am not sure what it all means, random spam? The sender thinks I am one? Or maybe that I need one? Answer to the first..Its been said before. Answer to the second..No thanks this one still works) Very cryptic indeed.

Perhaps its just plain bad luck. My luck has not been so good of late, it could be raining virgins and I would get hit by Heath Ledger (Broke Back Mountain indeed).

Mind you, I can hardly wait for Broke Back Mountain 2, sounds fantastic...

Reminds me of when I first starting going out with the Padang Princess. Naturally a lot of people were curious, usual thing... Where did you meet? What do you see in him/her? etc. Having a mildly crude streak (and hate intrusive questions) I coached the Princess (who at that stage did not speak English with the aplomb she now does). The next time someone asks dumb questions, just tell them "You like me because I have a big dick" Well sure enough the time came, the Padang Princess looked at me. I gave the the stage nod and bold as brass she announces to world "I like Oigal because he is a big dick!!""

has has has has not is..... One word, as people collapse around me laughing ..I still suspect the Padang Princess was not as language challenged as she pretended that night.

Stick around and I will post some details on the upcoming Broke Back Mountain 2

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Undercovercookie said...

when I was learning Indonesian,and knew no more than about 5 words, I was coached how to say "Selamat Ulang Tahun" to a fellow Indonesian student whose birthday it was. When we met up, I chickened out and just said 'Happy Birthday' instead. When asked later why I hadn't used the Indonesian, I looked bashful and said "karena saya kemaluan" which had everyone in absolute hysterics.