Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Things We Love About Indonesia

I stand accused of being an Angry Blogger and although one of my visitors friskodude seems to think that is good thing, it has brought home the fact it is often frustration and anger that spurs pen to paper (finger to keyboard). However, there is much to love and to be amazed about in Indonesia and South East Asia. Maybe its time to make another list (don’t groan).

The Top Ten Things I love or amaze me about Indonesia

1. The School Kids on the way to school every morning despite all the trials and tribulations. How do their parents get them looking so clean in their white shirts and Uniforms every single day?

2. The Scuba Diving and pristine ocean environment (Just pray the “powers that be" wake up to what a free and constant resource this is).

3. The absolute joy that can be found when welcomed into one of the Kampungs as a guest (beware the local brew..kicks like a mule), and the old guys seem to love someone choking after drinking the fire water.

4. The need to rely on your own social skills to live in the kampung (no use calling the police for a domestic dispute in Indonesia). Make your bed and lie in it.

5. The lack of bullshizzer PC regulations (as opposed to one state in Australia where they are now talking banning cigarette smoking in your own car..get a life!!).

6. The genuine open welcome given by the vast majority of Indonesian People.

7. The history of Indonesia. (Europe…they give you a run for the money. Its shame it is not taught more in school).

8. Bintang Beer (Nuff said0, The food (love Makan Padang), The Music (Ok not all).

9. The sheer number of pretty girls per square km (I never said I was PC). I must add from a male perspective, I love the way they treat their man as well.

10. Last but not least, Indonesian Newspapers for providing daily quotes and expect people to accept them . They never fail to make you say out loud “He said WHAT!!!!!” (and they do!!). I should add they confuse me as well, I bagged Perspektif Online and they wrote and thanked me?? oh well I just feel bad now...


steven said...

they have maids who must keep the white shirt clean white :D

oigal said...

Hi Steven,

I think you are missing the point. The kids I am refering too are the one you see when you drive through any of the Kampungs, it is obvious that their families are extermely poor and have very limited access to services we take for granted. It is a credit (and mystery to me how they do it)to thier parents.

Maids tend to be found in the big cities. Hard as it is for some to understand Maids and clean running water is not the norm for the vast majority in the countryside.

clean expat said...

oh c'mon.. be more comprehensive.. don't forget we can ask our maids to give us blowjobs if we're too tired to hit the clubs and get real whores. spread the wealth!