Thursday, March 02, 2006


One of the other reasons I like living in Asia, is my Nation of Birth has become just “oh so precious”

Don’t smoke…like anywhere
Don’t Drink…Unless it a nice red wine with Friends (Damn it, I came here to drink not to make friends!!)
No one drinks Coffee….its Latte now (pretentious P#$#Ks)
Airline Hosties are now Stewards or Pursers (Give me a break!)
University Learning is now a life time occupation for some (Get a job will ya)

Its always the Governments or some- else’s fault that I am or my child is a (and you owe me a living):

Out of Work;

On another issue, I love the cheap airfares in Asia, as compared to the over protected, bad mannered airlines in most western countries.

Top Ten Reasons to enjoy flying in Asia

1. You can catch a plane and the hostess (yes I said hostess) will be under 50 years of age (If you like over 50 refer QANTAS or BA);

2. You can catch a plane and use a real knife;

3. You don’t have to worry about being late for your flight (every one knows departure times are a guide);

4. Airfares are reasonable, travel is within the scope of most (well most of those who are lucky enough to have a job);

5. If you don’t have a book, you can kill a couple of hours figuring how does a Singapore Girl actually get into that uniform;

6. If you fly from Jakarta to Singapore you have a good chance of doing the security thing backwards!! They security check you as you get OFF in Singapore;

7. On the regional’s, you get to stand on scales with HUGE faces so everyone can see what you weight.(it helps to share);

Sorry could not think of another three…

As a matter of interest, I as far as I am concerned (and each flight is different)

The Top Three Airlines plying the region are:

1. Singapore Air – Smooth, Professional but expensive
2. Thai Air – Friendly, Professional
3. SAS – I know, bizarre choice but staff just so dang pleasant

The Worst

1. QANTAS – Arrogant, sloppy service
2. GARUDA – Planes are getting older and older and that wretched habit of bumping booked passengers if someone more “important” comes along.
3. BA – Just plain dismal

I have heard very good things about Emirates but never flown. I did like Virgin Blue if in Australia, but recently the PC crowd and the unions (you would think they would be happy having driven Ansett out of business) have savaged them for their policy of hiring young cabin crew who can joke and smile.

The old QANTAS crones rule the roost again. You would think being a hostie was young persons job anyway. Lets be honest, if you are still serving drinks at 45 it might be time to move over and give a young person a chance to start moving on a career path without having to climb over your fossilized body.

Feel free to comment of your fav airline, it would be interesting to see what people think


treespotter said...

flew Emirates and Silk recently, excellent food on Emirates and you can easily find another three items from the stewardesses (clue: if you go for a quick trip, they stay in Dubai just long enough and will be back to Jakarta on the same flight as you are).

Well... make that 5 additional items.

oigal said...

Dang...just when I think I can get away with mindless blogging...5 things? that 5 different things or the same things five times or three items used five different ways or five things used three different ways...or.........

Isn't there rule about confusing someone on his own blog???